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Hive: Alley Of Dangerous Angles

You can enter the alley from the mortuary area of the
Hive, or from the marketplace area of the Hive. The alley is runned by two rival gangs, the Darkalley Shivs (Evil) and the Razor Angels (Good). The Darkalley Shivs' camp is at the eastern part of the alley and the Razor Angels' is at the western part. Also, both gangs charge passage through the alley, the Angels at the south and the Shivs at the north. If you are fast enough you can run past these thug collectors though.
If you want, you can get involved in the local gangs' beef. Just remember that the Razor Angels represent good, the Darkalley Shivs evil, and the lone wolf Blackrose represents neutrality. My advice is for you to ally yourself with either Krystall (Razor Angels' leader) or Blackrose. The Darkalley Shivs' leader (Rotten William) is a no good backstaber who will end up turning on you if you help him.
Start of by going to Krystall's camp at the west part of the map. Talk to her and agree to kill the leader of the Darkalley Shivs for her, Rotten William. Details.
Note: There is a charm of infinite recall in a container at the Razor camp entrance.
Before going to the Darkalley Shivs' camp, head to the north-east from the Razors' camp and meet Blackrose. Talk to him and say that the extremes are dangerous, then choose Rotten William and agree to kill him for Blackrose. Details.
Now head all the way to the east and meet Rotten William, the leader of the Darkalley Shivs. Give him and his boys, a nice, long, dirtnap... After you're done with the Shivs head back and get your rewards from Krystall and Blackrose (1500 exp each). Now you can choose to either kill Krystall for Blackrose or Blackrose for Krystall. In short, killing Blackrose will bring you more money and killing Krystall will bring you more exp points. Choose wisely: Kill Blackrose or Kill Krystall.
Note: There is a charm of infinite recall in a locked container at the Shiv's camp east of Rotten William.
Enter the "burnt house" at the Darkalley Shivs' camp, inside, wandering around, is a man named Rauk. Talk to him, and offer to help him find his rings Details.
The three rings, copper, silver and gold, are hidden in three separate tents throughout the alley. They're all marked on the map, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding them. After getting the rings, sit down, and enjoy Rauk's friends show.
Note: There are 2 pieces of junk and 1 copper piece inside containers scattered around the house.
Before leaving the alley go to the Ruined Cathedral north of Rotten William's camp. If you have the box of Moridor you can give it to Aola for 1000 exp, also, if you have talked to Jarym at the Ragpicker's Square, you can buy the ruby back from Aola (or steal it if you're a thief). You can also ask Aola to teach you the ways of Aoskar, this however, will not please the Lady of Pain and she will end up trapping you in one of her mazes when you try to leave the alley. Player's Maze.


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