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Hive: SouthWest Area

You're now in the south-west area of the hive, the marketplace area.
Note: Once again, don't forget to talk to the hive townpersons, and be sure to inspect their houses as well, some of them have items laying around.
Wandering a little north from where you came in is a thief masquerading as a dustman (the one norochj told you about), when you talk to him he will ask for directions, it's very easy to catch him in his lies, but you should leave so he can pickpocket you. You can watch his technique and get one of the following:
-750 exp and +1 to pickpocket skill (WIS below 13 and INT 13);
-1000 exp and +3 to pickpocket skill (WIS 13-15);
-1250 exp and +5 to pickpocket skill (WIS 16);
Now you can grab his hand and make sure he doesn't continue his charade.
This is Meir'am, you can talk to her and see where she's looking at to learn a bit more of some of your former companions. Not much else she can do for you at this point.
Iron Nalls his her name and scraping for nails is her game. Now you can learn all you ever wanted about nail scraping (it's pathetic, I know...).
The big lug near the marketplace is Craddock, he's in charge of the shipments here. Deliver him Baen's message and then volunteer to get Jhelai. Details.
Near Craddock is also a githzerai name Gaoha, you can play a game with him if you want.
Note: When you return to Craddock choose to tell him the truth about Jhelai, this way Morte will get new taunts.
Note: There is a rusty dagger and some rags inside a crate south of Craddock.
North-east of Craddock is a man named Reekwind, the local storyteller. I suggest you listen to his stories, you have to pay 3 gold per story though; listen to the one about how he was cursed to get a new quest. Details. You can also tell him your story, if you give a conclusion to the story you get 1000 exp, if you ask Reekind to think up of the ending you only get 500 exp, either way he gives you a clipped copper piece.
Note: You will not be able to complete this quest right now, I'll let you know when you can.
In the center of the map is where almost all the merchants are gathered, talk to them if you wish to buy/sell/identify/steal stuff. One of them can sell you a pet lim-lim, be sure to buy it.
Note: You can perform various actions on your pet, just don't kick him or he will turn on you, he can even help you in battles (useful against thugs and such :P).
Proceed to the south-west around the big building, you should find wandering around that area the Crier of Es-Annon, talk to him. He's part of a group that cries for the lost city of Es-Annon, you can either convince him to abandon his pilgrimage (750 exp), or you can offer to find a tombstone in which to carve the name of Es-Annon. You can use the dustman monument for this. Details.
A little east of the Crier of Es-Annon is the Office of Vermin and Disease Control, a man named Creeden is selling "ratsies" on it's doorstep, this man can give you information on the cranium rat plague (among other things). Enter the building.
Phineas T. Lort XXXIX is in charge here, talk to him and learn more about the cranium rats. He offers bounties on cranium rat tails, 1 gold per tail. When you deliver about 6 tails to him a giant rat will come after Phineas, help him get rid of it. Details.
Also, you can rest here for free, just ask Phineas about how he wound up here. There are 2 junks and 1 rags inside the containers here.
Note: Don't rob Phineas, if you do, your reward for defeating the giant rat will be smaller.
You're all done for now, proceed to the north-west to move to the north-west section of the Hive.

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