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Hive: Smoldering Corpse Bar

You are now inside the Smoldering Corpse Bar.
This here is the smoldering corpse himself, his name's Ignus, not much you can do for him now though.
Near the burning corpse is a woman named Drusilla, you can talk to her about Ignus (among other things).
Up the west stairs there are two guys by a table, the big fellow is Ebb Creakknees, he's a great source of information on Sigil's environs. Next to him is Candrian Illborne, an expert planewalker, you can learn much about the planes from him. Also, be sure to ask him about the negative plane for a Negative Token.
Note: Don't forget to talk to him about Ingress.
A bit to the north is Alais, a traveler from another plane, this one knows nothing about very little. You can however, instruct him in the ways of the planes for a quick 250 exp.
Be sure to meet Dak'kon, he's by a table northeast of Ebb's. You can talk to him about several things and discuss whether Sigil is or is not flawed, with a decent INT/WIS you can make some pretty strong arguments and win 600 exp. Dak'kon will ask to join you, I strongly advise you to accept his help (1000 exp).
Note: Now you can talk to Dak'kon about learning his people's language (600 exp).
Near Dak'kon's table is man named "O", talk to him about whatever you want. Before leaving, be sure to ask him about the secrets of existence for a kick-ass permanent bonus of +1 to your wisdom! Coo!!!
Not far is Ilquix, this one is more than he seems, a demon in fact. If you go hostile on him he will reveal his true form and make short work of you, should you win (not likely) you got 12000 exp coming your way. Best thing is to wait until you reach higher levels before trying to go against him.
Behind the counter is Barkis, owner of the bar. Buy back your old eye from him and use it to recover some memories, an extra proficiency point and som exp. Also, talk to Barkis about the bar's patrons and he will ask you to deal with a troublesome one. Details.
Sat around a table are a couple of Mercykiller enforcers, apparently they are waiting for someone. Not much you can do about it though, just talk to them for some miscellaneous information if you like.
On the table east of the Mercykillers are a couple of demons, they seem to know you. Talk to them if you like, they can give you a little insight on the Blood War among other stuff.
Note: Like most baatezu, they will not pe pleased if you bring demon's from the tanar'ri to their presence.
Hanging out in the east of the bar is Mochai (dressed like a dustman), by talking to her you can find out she's not a dustman at all (you can use this information to blackmail her). That's it for the bar. You might want to talk to the rest of the patrons if you're not too busy.
Since you have Dak'kon in your party, and you should know his language by now, go find a githzerai townsperson; talk to him and keep listening to Dak'kon's replies, then talk to Dak'kon about his language and about "T'cha's Choice" keep pressing that subject and you will gain 3000 exp, follow that line of thought and keep questioning him, eventually a memory will try to surface, surrender to it and learn about how you saved Dak'kon long ago (6000 exp).
Now onto the south-west portion of the hive, the entrance is to the west of the smoldering corpse bar.

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