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Hive: SouthEast Area

If you enter this area from the north, you should soon see a damsel in distress, talk to her and find out she's lying (500 exp), if you follow her she will lure you into a trap!!! Thugs will attack you and she will run away.
East of here you will find a man named Mourns for Trees, he wants to make trees grow in the hive. Offer to help him for 500 exp, if you get 3 of your companions to help him too you will get an aditional 500 exp.
On the east side of this section, standing below Fell's Tattoo Parlor is a man named Barking-Wilder, he's the leader of the Xaositect faction (Chaosmen). You can ask him about your journal (1000 exp). You may join the Xaositects (1000 exp) if you ask Wilder, you need to be very chaotic to get accepted though. After joining you can ask him to join again for another 2000 exp.
Note: Remember that erratic behavior (growling, howling, snarling,...) will make you chaotic.
Note: I've been told that if you join the Chaosmen and bring a cranium rat tail to Wilder he can turn it in to some sort of charm for you. I'll have to look into that...
Wandering south of the Smoldering Corpse Bar (the big building in the middle) is a drunken harlot, she will try to pickpocket you! You can watch her technique and get one of the following:
-750 exp and +1 to pickpocket skill (WIS below 13 and INT 13);
-1000 exp and +3 to pickpocket skill (WIS 13-15);
-1250 exp and +5 to pickpocket skill (WIS 16);
You can then grab her hand (13 DEX) and break her neck for 250 exp. You can also threaten her for her valuables, she'll give you some gold and some items.
Fell's Shop is also in this section, go there if you want to buy tattoos. For aditional insight about your past be sure to ask Fell about yourself.
Note: Fell's shop gets new tattoos according to certain events (quest completion and the like), be sure to return to it from time to time.
That's about it for now, go into the Smoldering Corpse Bar next.

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