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Hive: Gathering Dust Bar

Even though the Gathering Dust Bar is part of the norh-east section of the Hive, I decided to discuss it in a separate section. Mainly because of the many quests you get here.
First you should talk to Mortai Gravesend, he's the one who made the contract with Angyar, get him to give you Angyar's contract. Details.
Note: You can sign a dead contract with Mortai for 500 exp and a memory when you begin, if you finish signing you get another 250 exp and some gold pieces (signing more than one contract will make you chaotic).
Go talk to Norochj, he's by a table near the bar's entrance, ask him about the notice he posted outside, and learn about the mausoleum's restless dead. Offer to get to the bottom of this. Details.
The Mausoleum is to the north of the bar, you will be able to enter it now.
Now go speak to the dustman with the undead bodyguards. He's Emoric, the "spiritual" owner of the bar, ask him about Pharod and he'll want you to find out where Pharod gets his bodies. Details. You should ask Emoric about joining the Dustman faction. He'll explain that you have to pass a couple of tests before being accepted into the faction. The first of which will be to help Norochj. Details.
Note: You can also sign a dead contract with Emoric for 250 exp and a couple of gold pieces.
After helping Norochj return to Emoric for your next assignment, talk Awaiting Death into losing his desire to die. Details.
When you're done with Awaiting Death return to Emoric and tell him you want to continue with your initiation, he will then ask you to speak with Sere regarding her strange behavior towards the dustman teachings. Details. Sere can also provide you with information on the other patrons of the bar, as well as Soego and Hamrys.
Note: If you join the Anarchists faction later on, you can convert Sere to it's cause (1000 exp).
There is also a very mysterious dustman in the bar, his name's Old Coppereyes and you can sign a death contract with him for 250 exp and some gold.
Note: I wouldn't mess with this guy if i were you. He is invincible and will most likely defeat you with one strike if you pick a fight.
That's it for this bar, leave it and head south, into the south-east portion of the Hive.

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