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Hive: NorthEast Area

After leaving the mortuary you'll see a little cutscene where a bunch of shadows appear near the slab you woke up on...mmmm.
If you travel in the city at night there's a good chance shadows such as these attack you, they're not very though, so, don't worry about it.
Now that you're out of the Mortuary it's time to look for Pharod, right?...Wrong! Well, maybe not completly wrong, but, before going all-out looking for Pharod there's some stuff you should do in the Hive.
Note: Don't forget to talk to the hive dwellers, some of them might give you items.
Note: Hive thugs will often attack you for no reason, just kill them, no one will care.
You can start by talking to Pox, a collector that hangs out near the Mortuary. You can have Pox kill you, and smuggle you into the Mortuary, if you ask him. Also, talk to him about Pharod until he sends you to see Sharegrave.
Note: With a decent CHR you can pretend to be dead for Pox (500 exp), if you get smuggled into the Mortuary this way you get another 500 exp.
Now you should go a little south, and enter the building, here you will find "Penn's Note" (a note) and 30 copper on the floor.
Note: If you had entered the portal inside the Mortuary, you would be teleported here.
Note: You can rest here (for free).
With an INT or a WIS of 13, you can talk to a Dabus (floating guys, see the picture) and learn his language (1000 exp).
Talk to one of the harlots here, pay her, and ask about Pharod's whereabouts (250 exp). Before you leave, let Morte have some fun with the harlot, he'll get new taunts.
Go talk to Sev'Tai, she's by the Dustmen Monument. Her sisters were murdered by chaosmen, and now she wants to settle the score. Just go down to the SouthEast Hive, kill 3 Starved Dogs Barking thugs and return to Sev. Details.
Now you can go talk to Baen the Sender, he's the colorful fellow who wanders around south of the Dustmen Monument, he's looking for a man named Craddock, offer to help him. Details.
Note: Craddock is at the SouthWest section of The Hive, near the marketplace.
Talk to the burned woman running around the Monument. Her name is Ingress and it seems she's been trapped in the hive for quite some time now, listen to her story and offer to help her. Details.
Note: The man who can help her is at the SouthEast section of The Hive, inside the Smoldering Corpse Bar, his name's Candrian.
Near the Gathering Dust Bar is a zombie called "The Post", pry the cobblestone from his head (250 exp). Also, you should examine the notices posted on him and have him point you to Pharod (500 exp).
East of "The Post" you will find a tiefling girl named Annah. If you ask her about Pharod's location she will point to the southwest, to the Alley of Dangerous Angles (wrong direction!). Alley of Dangerous Angles.
Note: If you talk to her again, after going to the alley, you can accuse her of misinforming you.
Now, you should go to Angyar's house, it's a ways south of the Mortuary Gate, below the Open Tomb.
Don't bother talking to Angyar, he's in a bad mood. Talk to his wife instead. Be polite, and have her explain her husband's situation. Details.
Note: After returning with the contract you can ask Angyar about Pharod's whereabouts for 500 exp.
Go to the Gathering Dust Bar now, some of the dusties inside have stuff that needs to be done (translation: more experience and goodies for you).

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