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Mortuary: Main Floor

When you first get to this floor, you will be accosted by a Dustman (unless you are wearing the dustman robes). Either snap his neck, or say you are looking for the exit.
First, go to zombie #732 and take the "Tome of Bone and Ash" from him, he's usually near the Southeast Memorial Hall.
On the Central Chamber, you will find 4 giant skeletons. You can deconstruct them if you have the "Tome of Bone and Ash" (800 exp per skeleton). Examin them, then examin their armor, then study the symbols, mar the runes maintaining the warding enchantment first, then work backwards through the rune pattern. Each skeleton will drop you a rune. Also, there is a crescent hatchet in the weapon rack behind the north skeleton.
Note: With 16 INT you can figure this out without the tome (500 exp).
Now, go west and meet Deionarra, she was the love of one of your past incarnations. Talk to her, and keep asking her about yourself until you gain the Raise Dead ability (1000 exp), you can also ask her to help you escape. Say that you are in danger, she will then tell you of the portal north of her memorial (500 exp).
This is the portal that both Vaxis and Deionarra told you about, it's key is a bone charm. Don't go through it, instead, go back to the Great Hall and speak with Soego (one of the dustman there).
You can have Soego open the front gate for you (500 exp). Oh yea, don't bother trying to snap this one's neck, you'll have a little surprise if you do.
After Soego opens the door, leave the Mortuary.
Note: If you haven't told Dhall already, you can tell Soego about Vaxis (250 exp).

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