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Mortuary: 3rd Floor

On the 3rd floor your main concern is to go unnoticed. If you have a disguise it's easy, if you don't, just lie when the dustmen approach you, say you aren't lost, and that you are visting, or say that you were there for an internment.
Note: You can snap a dustman's neck while talking with him, you regain a memory when you kill your 1st dustman this way (250 exp). If you wear the dustman robes no more dustmen will bother you.
Go speak with skeleton #42, he's on the east side of the 3rd floor. He's the one you had memory of at Ei-Vene, cross your arms and he will mimic you, pull the item from it's chest (250 exp) and you will get some coppers, a knife, 2 clot charms and a rag.
Now speak to zombie #79 (he's at the southern storage room), examin the "Fanged Circle", notice it's similarities with the "Ancient Copper Earring". Next, examine the earring, you will be able to open it now (250 exp). The earring is worth a little more copper after this.
On the map to the right I pointed out all the containers of this floor, inspect them to find the following items: 1 charcoal charm, 2 junk, 1 bandages, 2 needle and thread, 1 iron prybar, 1 hammer, 3 clot charms, 1 corpse fly charm, 1 bone charm, 1 dustman embalming charm (lesser), the "Dustman Request" (a note), the "Mortuary Task List" (a note), the "Mortuary Sanctum Key" and 66 copper.
Now that you have the key, go back to the 2nd floor, use the key to go to the south room and pick up the 2 bandages, leave the cleaning rags (I have found no use for them), next, go down the stairs to the main floor of the Mortuary.

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