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Mortuary: 2nd Floor

You start the game laid on a slab, being wheeled into the mortuary, having some pretty nasty nightmares.
After you wake up, a floating skull named Morte will enter the scene and introduce himself. After he joins up, check the shelves for 1 scalpel and 2 bandages. Zombie #782, the one to the south, has the key which allows you to leave this room, you have to kill him for it though. I also recommend you kill the other 2 zombies, they have useful bandages with them. The next room doesn't have anything useful, "talk" to the zombies if you like, Morte can also give you some insight if you talk to him.
Once in the 3rd room look for some items in the nearby cabinets, the receiving room logbook, 1 fist irons and 13 copper commons. You can take some bandages from zombie #396 and a note (using the scalpel) from zombie #1201 (250 exp), use the note and fold the corners in the following order, UR, LR, UL, UR then unfold the pyramid (250 exp), you get the "Rule of Three Earring". Now, talk to the man in front of the big book, his name is Dhall.
Ask all you want from Dhall, he knows much about your current situation.
Note: Dhall has an item on him called "Quill Pen", it gives +1 lore (to Mages), you have to kill him to get it. I don't really recommend it, but then again, there is no big downer if you do.
Now, go on to the next room and take the receiving log page (a note) from zombie #1664 (the only zombie in this room).
On the next room you can find 1 bandages inside one of the cabinets. You can also cut some needle and thread (100 exp) from zombie #506 (with the help of the scalpel) , if you "talk" to zombie #985 (the one to the south, who isn't moving), you can push him, or help steady him, to get the "Left Arm #985", a pretty decent club.
Now, go meet Ei-Vene, she is the dustman near the slab. Talk to her, mistaking you for a zombie she will ask you to fetch some needle and embalming fluid. Don't worry, you'll find some in a while. Details.
Talk to her a second time and study the motion of her hands, you will regain a memory (250 exp).
On the next section, talk to the strange looking zombie and find out he is actually an Anarchist spy called Vaxis. If you ask him to help you escape, he will want you to do someting in return. Details.
Instead of asking for his help, you can lie, and say you are looking for him, to relieve him of his duties (500 exp). You get 3 bandages, 1 needle and thread, 1 embalming fluid and 1 knife if you lie. Also, be sure to ask him where you can find a "Crooked Finger Bone" (250 exp).
You can get Vaxis to disguise you as a zombie if you want, just ask about his disguise. Vaxis needs 1 jar of embalming fluid and 1 needle and thread to make your disguise (500 exp).
Now, go to the next room, take 2 jars of embalming fluid, 1 bandages and the "Ancient Copper Earring" from the cabinets, now go up the stairs to the 3rd floor.
Note: You can tell Dhall about Vaxis (250 exp).

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