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The first chance you get, buy either "Stone Hands" or "Dragon Feet". The two added hits will more than make up for the money you spent. "Stone Hands" is good because there are plenty of Punch powerups early in the game, but "Dragon Feet" is good becasue kicks have longer range and you can hit enemies with kicks while you're standing on a fence. Hmmm...

Make sure you buy stuff, sometimes even when you don't need healing. Buying stuff is the only way to increase your stats. Check the Shopping List for more details.

Fences are your friend. While standing on a bench, fence, or most objects above other enemies, all enemies on the screen will stop, making them easy picking. Either kick them from the fence or jump down, attack then jump back up.

Ignore abilities like "Acro Circus", "Javelin Man", and "Fatal Steps" until you have some excess cash, these skills are harder to connect with and will be less useful than other skills. I would buy "Grand Slam" as soon as possible, three weapon strikes will take out most of the random gang members.

When playing a two player game, one character can jump on top of the other and be thrown with out any damage being taken. Also it is quite easy to beat any boss when you stand on both sides of the foe and then just beat away at him.

Bosses respawn if you return to their screen. Remember, this does not mean that you must defeat them a second time, although defeating bosses will earn you a lot of money.

People say stuff, usually it's just the random gang members yelling how their gonna "Beat the crap outta ya" or a random "Biff!". It would be wise to listen to what the bosses say.

There are two meetings with Benny & Clyde, make good use of them. Defeating both of these clowns will earn you a total of $7.00, a very good haul for little work. Just remember to start attacking before they stop talking to get an advantage.

Texas Boots rock. Buy them and go on a kicking spree. Texas Boots + Dragon feet = Pain.

If you die, you return to the last mall you visited, with half of your money stolen. Lesson learned: Don't die.

If your Will Power is higher than 35 you may recieve two extra life bars (20 Stamina) and not lose any money when you lose all your power, but remember, you only have 2 life bars, find a mall quick.

You must defeat every boss in the game to gain access to River City High. If you miss a boss, you have to go back and find him. There is no way around this.

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