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How could you... *Evil glare* Heh, just kidding, look around, do what you like...

Two Player Regeneration
If you play in two player mode, and one player dies, the other player can quickly leave the screen (While or a few seconds after the corpse flashes) and the deceased player will return at full health without a loss of money. This is quite useful when one player beats the crap out of the other, then exits, restoring his friend to full health.

Bouncing Kick Technique
If you start running, jump, then tap B really quickly, you'll bounce your way along doing jump-kicks. This does a huge amount of damage if you're lucky enough for it to hit.

Game Genie Codes
TOSNAVYE - Start with double every attribute!
LVNYIVYL - Increase stamina to 99
AGENAYAZ - Player 1 starts with double money
AGOYYYAZ - Player 2 starts with double money
PAENIYAA - Player 1 starts with $100 extra
PAONGYAA - Player 2 starts with $100 extra

Compliments of Frank Provo's Guide. Remember the passwords are case sensitive.

Start with full energy, 63 of everything, every book, and $0.15
i q X o k e S f a c i
m K p v c U k Z U z W
R i Q v r q h k T 4 Q

Start with 63 of all levels, full will power, full stamina, every book, Texas Boots, and $500.50
j r Y p l f T g b d j
n O o r L T I Y X w R
S j T u q p i l U H P

Everything Maxed & All Items
W e L c Y S G T O Q 2
a r 1 5 o A Q V X X i
c X s U 3 m V U n 1 c

Passwords for Alex:
Start with $122, 30 in all attributes, and 99 strength
E M 7 K G A 0 D B D h
W c E t Z h S Q j T Z
f U X Y o f b a Z 7 N

Start with Acro Circus and Dragon Feet
q J i I z 0 g y S U q
r y h 3 0 f s R u e k
q f i j z q m s n U Y

Start with Acro Circus, Dragon Feet, Stone Hands, Fatal Steps, Javelin Man, Sneakers, Excaliber, and Rodan Wing, plus $114
8 9 B T P U S V Q S 0
Y p m 5 G d u X A V s
Y A u l 1 s 0 e l E a

Start with Incredible Attributes
w 4 1 2 y s g t M q c
M U S j K m 2 P q t E
U J M N d U T G O Q C

Start with Ivan Beaten and High School Open
t 1 i z v p d O Z n Z
J x N k J p 7 C p u b
X M P Q g X E r S M F

No One Left but Slick!
X f M d Z T H w i R 3
j a j 6 j f R U D E t
t i l m 2 t W R o 8 b

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