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Game Controls
A - Punch, Block, Use Weapon
B - Kick, Block, Throw Weapon
A + B - Jump
D-pad - Move
Start - Pause, Access Menu
Select - Switch between Money and Stamina Bar

Tap left or right to run, jumping while running causes you to jump higher and farther.

In the first screen, you can select your favorite character or choose to play a 2 player game. Alex and Ryan are the same, gameplay wise, so choose whoever you like best.

You can change the main characters names by pushing "Select" on the Character Select screen. The characters have a slightly different color in this screen. Weird...

In the next screen you can set Message Speed and Game Difficulity. Advanced will cause the enemies to have twice as much stamina, speed, and strength. Remember this can be changed at anytime during the game by going into the menu.

Next we have the Menu:

First is the belongings screen. Located here are all the items you have collected, along with your equipped books and footwear. A total of 8 items can be held per player.

Next is the password screen. Located here is your current password. Here is where you will input a old password if you have one. The characters also have a slightly different color here too. Strange...

Next is the level screen. This is the same screen that you saw before you could start playing:

Here is a simple help screen. Explains the features of the menu.

In the center of the menu is the status screen. Here you can check your status and see how powerful your characters are. Below is a table explaining the status screen.

Stat Start/Max Description
Punch 15/63 Damage your punches do
Kick 15/63 Damage your kicks do
Weapon 15/63 Damage your armed attacks do
Throw 15/63 Damage done when throwing someone/thing
Agility 15/63 Speed and jump height
Defense 15/63 Ability to block
Strength 15/63 Ability to break an enemy's block or hold them
Will Power 15/63 Ability to regain consciousness when K.O.'d
Stamina 63/127 Your current Life
Max Power 63/127 Your maximum amount of Life

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