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Abilities are learned by reading (equipping) the book of the same name.

Ability Image Description
Punch A basic punch.
Kick A basic kick. Kicks have a longer range than punches.
Jump A jumping type move. Use to jump on to walls.
Weapon An attack using a weapon. Weapons are more powerful then kicks or punches, but are usually slower.
Stone Hands Three quick punches. Three times as good as a punch.
Dragon Feet Three quick kicks. Three times as good as a kick.
Acro Circus Running jumps are now spinning attacks. Not very useful as the spin is hard to aim.
Fatal Steps Jump near a fallen foe to stomp them. Not very useful as most later enemies don't stay on the ground for very long.
Grand Slam Three quick weapon attacks. This is the best ability because the speed of all weapons are increased; even boxes, tires, and trashcans.
Javelin Man Thrown enemies fly like a missle. Enemies thrown with Javelin Man may get a chance to recover if thrown a long distance away. Only useful if you like to throw enemies into walls or other enemies.

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