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This is a list of the codes used for hacking FCE Ultra save states in River City Ransom. If you don't know how to hack save states, check here for an explanation. If you have any questions, e-mail Hiryuu, he wrote this list. I may be able to help a little, as I know a few tricks about hacking, so it's your choice.

Places in the Code

Note: Unlike the other stats in the game, money offsets use a regular decimal number system, not the hexadecimal number system.

Alex's Status:
4F3 Punch
4F7 Kick
4FB Weapon
4FF Throw
503 Agility
507 Defense
50B Strength
50F Will Power
513 Stamina
517 Max Power
51B Money (cents)
51C Money (dollars)
6A1-6A8 Belongings

Ryan's Status:
4F4 Punch
4F8 Kick
4FC Weapon
500 Throw
504 Agility
508 Defense
50C Strength
510 Will Power
514 Stamina
518 Max Power
51E Money (cents)
51F Money (dollars)
6A9-6B0 Belongings

Belongings Digits

00 Nothing
01 Donut
02 Muffin
03 Bagel
04 Honey Bun
05 Croissant
06 Sugar
07 Toll House
08 Maple Pecan
09 Oatmeal
0A Brownie
0B Mint Gum
0C Lolly Pop
0D Jaw Breaker
0E Rock Candy
0F Fudge Bar
10 Salad Paris
11 Onion Soup
12 Cornish Hen
13 Veal Walle
14 Vita-mints
15 Digestol
16 Recharge!
17 Karma Jolt
18 Omni Elixir
19 Date Saver
1A Love Potion
1B Antedote 12
1C R & B
1D Rock
1E Pop
1F Soul
20 Classical
21 Sneakers
22 Boat Shoes
23 Loafers
24 Army Boots
25 Texas Boots
26 Slippers
27 Thongs
28 Sandals
29 Mod Boots
2A Insoles
2B Maze Craze
2C Decathlete
2D Hyper Ball
2E Techno Belt
2F Teddy Bear
30 Stone Hands
31 Dragon Feet
32 Grand Slam
33 Acro Circus
34 Javelin Man
35 Fatal Steps
36 Scandal Rag
37 Comic Times
38 Mystic Seer
39 Nuclear Spy
3A Indian Lore
3B Excalibur
3C Zeus' Wand
3D Rodan Wing
3E Gold Medal
3F Isis Scroll
40 Sirloin
41 Rib-eye
42 T-bone
43 Lamb Leg
44 Merv Burger
45 Cheese Merv
46 Fish Merv
47 Mondo Merv
48 Milk
49 Iced Tea
4A Soda
4B Merv Malt
4C Merv Fries
4D Merv Rings
4E Apple Pie
4F Spicy Chili
50 Smile
51 Chickwich
52 Dark Meat
53 White Meat
54 Combination
55 Lemonade
56 Gravy
57 Biscuits
58 Corn Cobber
59 Cole Slaw
5A Coffee
5B Tea
5C Hot Cocoa
5D Pancakes
5E Waffles
5F Ice Cream
60 Roman Shake
61 Cola Float
62 Nero Pizza
63 Lasagna
64 Fresh Juice
65 Lemon Tea
66 Herbal Tea
67 Carrot Cake
68 Pound Cake
69 Egg
6A Octopus
6B Squid
6C Conger Eel
6D Prawn
6E Salmon
6F Ark Shell
70 Sea Urchin
71 Halibut
72 Swordfish
73 Salad Roll
74 Tuna Roll
75 Shrimp Roll
76 Mixed Roll
77 Egg Roll
78 Fried Rice
79 Garlic Pork
7A Pepper Beef
7B Chow Mein
7C Sauna
7D No Thanks
7E Nothing
7F Main Menu
80-FF The list just repeats itself, this time with a # in front of the name, the sign the game uses to distinguish equipped items from non-equipped items.

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