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The order seen here is the order that you should take on the bosses. Not like you're going to have much trouble taking them out in this order, the game is quite linear. The only bosses that stray from the main path are a few of the Zombies, but even then, you're just backtracking.

Sticksville (Construction Site)
Moose is the first boss. He's slow and not very smart, although he may still be a problem becasue there has been no chance to increase your stats, Moose should go down fairly easily. If you're still having trouble, jump on the walls then attack him from above.

Benny & Clyde
$3.50 each
Capital Ave. Bridge (Below the Bridge)
Benny & Clyde are quite difficult to take on if you're not prepared. Make sure you have either Stone Hands or Dragon Feet before you fight. They will double-team you, and they won't hesitate to throw you. Just make sure that if they do, you don't go flying into the water. Water equals death, just like the pits. If you want an edge, make sure you attack them while they're still talking. If you're fast enough, you may be able to take one or both of them down.

WSL Co. Warehouse (Inside)
Rocko fights similar to Moose, but he's slightly faster and likes to use weapons. Use the boxes and walls to get a jump on him, remember if you're on a different height that that of an enemy, they usually stop moving. The small area could also cause you to get pinned in a corner if you're not careful.

The next four bosses are the Zombies, like all other bosses they must be defeated to enter River City High. The game does not give very good directions to find them, two Zombies aren't even mentioned.

Sherman Park
Blade, the first of the Zombies, is no pushover. He is able to block most of your punches while dealing out tons of damage. Your best bet is to attack from higher ground and wait untill he has a weapon, he's slightly slower when carrying one.

Armstrong Thru-Way (Third Area)
Turk is the second Zombie. He fights similar to Blade, and since there is nothing to climb on, you may have a tougher time beating him. Try to get him into a corner then just pin him down with punches and kicks.

Downtown (Before Flatirons Mall)
Mojo, the third Zombie, fights similar to Blade and Turk. Try to only attack him when he has a weapon, because if he knocks you down without one, he'll throw you and it will hurt. Again, use the wall to your advantage.

Vacant 3rd Wheel Factory (Third Screen)
Thor is the last of the Zombies and can only be challenged when the other three are defeated. Like all the Zombies, he has a similar fighting style. You should be used to the Zombies moves by now, just make sure you don't fall down the pit.

Benny & Cyde
$3.50 each
Burb Village
Benny and Clyde fight just like they did in the previous fight. The only difference is that they are more powerful, but then, you should be even stronger. Remember, attack while they are still talking and use them to create a nice cash flow.

River City High (Front Gate)
Ivan will be one of your toughest foes yet. He's insanly fast and attacks with a seriously damaging head-butt. If you have the triple abilities, he shouldn't pose much of a problem, Grand Slam will be the most helpful.

River City High (Gym)
Otis is insane about his gym. He will attack you with jump attacks, combos, and will throw you all over the gym if given a chance. You may need to attack from higher ground, but if you have your attack stats maxed out, Otis shouldn't be a major problem.

River City High (Second Floor)
Tex looks like he's hopped up of steroids with those freaky bulging eyes. He fights similar to Ivan and Otis, but he can also use a spin attack when he has a stick that will cause major damage. Just watch out for the spin attack and try to get the first hit in, then try to pin him down with your lightning fast blows.

Randy & Andy
$18.00 each
River City High (Third Floor)
Yes, that is the Double Dragon theme in the background, and it's there for a reason. These two not only stole Jimmy and Billy's music but their moves as well. Randy & Andy will use a powerful roundhouse kick that I suggest that you dodge if you value half of your money. If it's not challenging enough, they both have an insane amount of speed and power. Try to attack them seperatly and try not to get surrounded, they will pummel you to death. Grand Slam with a powerful weapon wouldn't hurt.

River City High (Roof)
Final Boss... Compared to the Dragon Twin rip-offs Slick is a push over, Slick doesn't seem to block as often as he should, and compared to Randy and Andy, he is much slower. If you want to be really cheap, bring a chain and just lure him to the wall, jump up, then whip him with the chain while he stands there like an idiot.

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