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Join the gang they said, beat up honor students they said... So much for not being random cannon fodder... Oh. Sorry, this is a listing of all the gangs in the game, complete with names, color, amount of cash dropped, and hopefully someday, pictures of every gang member.

The Generic Dudes
Light Blue
Barry, Cary, Harry, Jerry, Larry, Perry, Ralph, and Terry
The first gang you'll come across, nothing to worry about. The Generic Dudes show up a lot in the first areas of the game.

The Frat Guys
Biff, Clark, Grant, Skip, Trent, Trip, Tyler, and Logan
The Frat Guys like to use weapons, and most of them start with one. They usually start running and attack you at full speed if you're close enough.

The Jocks
Light Green
Brad, Curt, Dirk, Jake, Lance, Matt, Mike, and Nick
Similar to The Home Boys but slightly stronger. The Jocks will usually pick up a weapon and use it quite often.

The Home Boys
Bob, Brady, Chip, Doug, Ernie, Greg, Peter, Robby, and Steve
Another early gang, these guys are slightly faster and stronger that The Generic Dudes, but not by very much.

The Mob
Lefty, Louie, Marco, Max, Mouse, Sid, Tony, and Vinny
The Mob is similar to The Squids, just slightly slower. They also like to use weapons.

The Squids
Berni, Byron, Erwin, Felix, Herb, Howie, Linus, Monty, and Waldo
These guys are fast, strong, and like to hit you with blunt objects. You may want to avoid The Squids, but what fun would that be?

The Internationals
Dark Green
Akbar, Andre, Boris, Fuji, Hans, Juan, Lars, Wang, and Yemi
Similar to what The Home Boys would fight like if they fought smarter and stronger. The Internationals shouldn't be a problem is you have good stats.

The Cowboys
Dark Blue
Bart, Bubba, Duke, Dusty, Jed, Like, Merie, Shane, and Slim
The Cowboys are the toughest guys in the game. They like to double-team, and they are very fast. They will appear near and inside River City High.

The Plague
Blaze, Edge, Mooky, Slash, Snake, Stick, Sting, and Tonto
The Plague usually appear inside of River City High. By the time you reach these guys, they shouldn't pose a threat.

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