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Shopping List - Flatirons Mall

P Punch
K Kick
WN Weapon
TH Throw
AG Agility
D Defence
SG Strength
WP Will Power
ST Stamina
MP Max Power

The power up levels listed below are maximum values. The Stamina and Max Power increases you receive will depend on how damaged you are.

Max Power Increases can be calculated with this formula:
Possible Increase - (Max Power - Stamina) = Max Power Increase

# - All items in this shop can be carried with you.
% - Items in this shop are equipped to gain stats or a skill and stays in the inventory.

Flatirons Books %
Name Cost
Stone Hands 26.95
Dragon Feet 26.95
Fatal Steps 37.50

The Roman Cow
Name Cost Effects
Ice Cream 3.50 AG+2,ST+16,MP+4
Roman Shake 4.25 WN+2,ST+24,MP+6
Cola Float 4.75 D+2,ST+32,MP+8
Nero Pizza 6.25 ST+50,MP+12
Lasagna 6.25 ST+48,MP+12

Amy's Sweet Tooth #
Name Cost Effects
Mint Gum .95 SG+1,WP+1
Lolly Pop .95 TH+1,WP+1
Jaw Breaker .95 WN+1,WP+1
Rock Candy .95 P+1,WP+1
Fudge Bar .95 K+1,WP+1

Happy Feet Shoes %
Name Cost Effects
Sneakers 28.00 K+10,AG+20
Boat Shoes 37.95 K+10,AG+30
Loafers 48.50 K+30,AG+15
Army Boots 58.75 K+40,AG+20
Texas Boots 99.95 K+60,AG+60
Name Cost Effects
Slippers 4.95 K+2,AG+2
Insoles 8.20 SG+7
Thongs 9.75 K+4,AG+3
Sandals 19.95 K+7,AG+13
Mod Boots 59.75 K+20,AG+40

Butcher Shop #
Name Cost Effects
Sirloin 4.95 P+2,TH+3
Rib-eye 5.95 P+1,AG+4
T-Bone 6.95 P+3,D+3
Lamb Leg 11.95 P+2,WP+48

Toys Galore #
Name Cost Effects
Maze Craze 52.75 K+1,WP+40,ST+87,MP+24
Decathlete 57.50 SG+3,WP+43,ST+86,MP+24
Hyper Ball 57.50 WN+4,TH+4,WP+38,ST+84,MP+24
Techno Belt 27.25 SG+18,ST+80,MP+20
Teddy Bear 28.00 SG+20,ST+80,MP+20

CD Cellar #
Name Cost Effects
R & B 9.95 SG+3,ST+56,MP+14
Rock 9.95 P+4,ST+48,MP+12
Pop 9.95 D+4,ST+48,MP+12
Soul 9.95 AG+4,ST+48,MP+12
Classical 9.95 WP+4,ST+48,MP+12

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