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Please note: the term "Walkthrough" is used loosely here. This is not really a walkthrough that explains absolutely everything. Little Ninja Brothers focuses more on the battles than the RPG elements, therefore the game is very straightforward. All that is here is a list of all the things you need to do in the game. Make sure you level up every once in a while to survive some of the harder battles throughout the game!

For leveling up: I suggest you walk to the next destination in the game, and then turning back and going backwards through it. Take different routes each time: perhaps through mountains instead of plains, or forests instead of deserts. That way, you will become more used to the various monsters that the game throws at you, thereby making the game a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

  • You will start in a shrine near Mt Epin. The Mentor will give you 160 Sen and the Red Bell of Prism. Now head north to the town of Hynen.
  • Buy the Scale Shield, White Robe and Crush Punch from the Equipment Store, and buy the Amulet-I and Talisman-a from the Tool Shop.
  • Earn the Dragon Kick at the Hynen Training Club by completing the Field Event.
  • Go northwest of Hynen to the Divine House and complete Wise Stallion's Field Event for the T Stars.
  • Go to Deli-Chous
  • Buy the Star Volley technique, the Match and the Talisman B in Delichous.
  • Go and visit the Mayor of Delichous.
  • When you awaken in the jail cell, talk to one of the "meatball people" to find the hidden exit.
  • From the jail exit, go next door to Savior Mouchee Mouse's house. Answer her either way to get the Amulet-II
  • Go back to Delichous. When you are ready, talk to the mayor.
  • Battle Tub-A-Tummy's cronies for 3 rounds.

    Round 1 contains Red Grunts, Jumping Teeth, and Pig Lancers .

    Round 2 contains Pig Lancers, Shadow Ninjas, and Lightning Bolts.

    Round 3 contains Pig Lancer Reds, Walking Boxes, and Red Grunts.

    When you complete a round, the door at the top of the screen will open. Defeat Tub-A-Tummy at the end, and you will earn the Orange Bell of Prism.

  • Travel southeast from Delichous. Keep going down until you find the location in the screenshot below, known as the Yoma Chateau. Defeat 4 rounds of enemies here to earn the Hawk Sword.

    Round 1 contains Pig Lancers, Red Grunts and a Lightning Bolt

    Round 2 contains Blue Bulls, Walking Boxes, and Star Shooters

    Round 3 contains Claw Ninjas and Jumping Teeth

    Round 4 contains Pig Lancer Reds, Walking Boxes, Red Grunts and Blue Grunts

  • Go northeast to Cilly City.
  • Buy the Mega Punch from the Cheerful Snake Brother in Cilly City.
  • Exit the town, and look to the right. See that huge palace? You need to go to the orange and green thing under it. Head across the bridge to the palace, and follow the narrow route down to the orange thing. You will get the Mirror Shield.
  • If possible, travel up to the town of Okay and buy the Fire Punch (cross the bridge, then follow the mountain range northwest until you reach a desert. Pass through that to find Okay a little further up.
  • When you are prepared, go to the Water Lily Palace east of Cilly. Get through the cave, and talk to the Queen at the end. Fight off 4 rounds of enemies, but before leaving the 4th room, heal.

    Round 1 contains Cat Warriors, Cat Mages and Flame Heads

    Round 2 contains Cat Warriors, Cat Mages and Frog Ninjas

    Round 3 contains Cat Warriors, Hiryuu and Flame Heads

    Round 4 contains Green Bulls, Flame Head and Cat Mages

  • Battle the Queen. When you win, return to Cilly City and throw the Antidote you got from beating her into the pond (use the screenshot below to tell where to stand.)

  • Talk to the Mayor to get the Yellow Bell of Prism.
  • Travel northeast from Cilly City, and follow the mountain range west. When you get to the river, travel north to the Town of Okay.
  • Buy the Fire Punch and Black Robe from the Equipment Store.
  • Talk to the salesman in the bottom-left house. Attempt to buy the Talisman-Y. He won't give it to you unless you find him some pop. The pop is to the east of here in a Yoma Chateau, according to one of the townspeople.
  • Go east from Okay to the Yoma Chateau (it looks the same as the other chateau where you got the sword). Fight 4 battles in there to recieve the Pop!

    Battle 1 contains Tough Grunts.

    Battle 2 contains Pig Lancers, Claw Ninjas and Lightning Bolts.

    Battle 3 contains Cat Warriors, Flaming Heads and Hiryuu.

    Battle 4 contains a Genie and Orange Jumping Teeth.

  • Return to Okay and talk to the salesman. Attempt to buy the Talisman-Y, and he will refuse. Then he will see your pop, and hand it over.
  • Go northwest from Okay to the Town of Yokan.
  • Buy the Star Boomerang from the Equipment Store, as well as some necessary consumable healing items. A boss fight is soon, VERY soon!
  • Travel to the north part of Yokan, and head up and right until you see 3 people. Ignore the 2 bottom ones, and talk to the top one. Go into the garbage can behind him to enter the underground passage of Yokan and to meet the true people of Yokan.
  • Talk to Vigilante Monkey and Vigilante Dog in the east part of the underground passage. Complete their training course to receive the Combined Cross attack and the Tiger Sword!
  • Go outside of the Trash Can and talk to the other two people. Agree to help the man under attack. The attacker will reveal himself as Blu Boltar! He calls some Skull Archers and Pig Lancers to fight you. Defeat them, and then go back to the trash can.
  • Go to the top part of the garbage can and take the stairs up. You'll be in the Emperor's Palace. Talk to Blu Boltar here. You'll battle his soldiers in 6 different battles.

    Round 1 contains Skull Archers and Pig Lancers.

    Round 2 contains Flame Heads, Red Bullies and Cat Mages.

    Round 3 contains a Mad Batter.

    Round 4 contains a Cloaked Mage .

    Round 5 contains Gargoyles.

    Round 6 contains 4-Armed Monkeys.

    At the end of the 6th battle, heal yourself. You'll fight Blu Boltar next.

  • After defeating Blu Boltar, Emperor Chin and Bonbon give you the Green Bell of Prism and tell you to defeat the ultimate evil, King Gulp. But first, they say you must head south to Shorin.
  • Travel south of Yokan. On the way, you will see a small palace. Go inside to meet Rogee Rabbit. He has a lot of useful information! Talk to him to learn about how to get to Mt Cone-Rum and fight King Gulp.
  • Keep travelling southwest, following the mountain range, until you reach another Yoma Chateau. Enter and win 4 consecutive battles to earn the Candle, which lights up dark rooms.

    Round 1 contains Jaguars and Evil Eagles

    Round 2 contains Sabretooth Brutes and Purple Jumping Teeth.

    Round 3 contains Red Bullies and Invisiboxes.

    Round 4 contains a QP Fox.

  • Head for Shorin, which is south from the Chateau and across the bridge.
  • Buy the Lee's Robe and Star Boomerang from the Shorin Equipment Store.
  • Buy an Iron Claw from the Item Store, and go to the location shown below. Throw the Iron Claw in twice. When the Wise Ram asks what claw is yours, tell the truth to be rewarded with the Golden Claw! Also, buy the Talisman-E.

  • Defeat the Shorin Scholars for the Amulet-III, and then head to the location in the screenshot below. Talk to Gen, and Rick will appear and give you the Blue Bell of Prism.

  • Head west of Shorin and enter the underground tunnel (look in the Maps Section for help getting through). Go around the mountain range, past the fire castle, and then west to the Town Of Chatzy.
  • Buy the Fire Shield, Torch and Star Fixer from the shops in Chatzy.
  • Go north from Chatzy into the next cave, which is the Cave to the Snow Field. When you reach the end, travel north through the Snow Field and go to the Yoma Chateau. Defeat the enemies for the Dragstar.

    Round 1 contains Cool Cats and Frozen Zombies.

    Round 2 contains Mountain Lions and Frozen Zombies.

    Round 3 contains Jaguars and Hiryuu.

    Round 4 contains a Blue Genie and Little Flames.

  • Go east of the Chateau until you reach a small house. Inside, defeat Wil the Wiz to restore Princess Leila to her former self. She will give you the Eagle Sword and offer to help you put out the flames surrounding Fire Castle.
  • Travel back to Fire Castle and use the Call command to call Leila. She will put out the flames.
  • Head to the top of the Fire Castle and kill the boss to earn the Bell Of Prism.
  • Travel north to the town of Ling-Rang.
  • Earn the Prism Claw from completing the Treasure Field Meet game in the Fist Club building.
  • Go down the well to Mei-Tong, and talk to Mistress Banko to get the last Bell of Prism.
  • Buy the Prism Shield, Sacred Robe, Amulet-IV and Talisman Omega from the Equipment and Tool Shops.
  • Now head to Yokan, travel north past the town, and then go east to Shinshin Tower. Climb up and talk to Ms. Oinker (who will mess up the screen as a joke), and then cross the Rainbow Bridge to the palace there. Talk to Ten-Jin to recieve the Prism Sword. It's almost over! But first, head back to Okay and buy a Meat Bun!
  • Travel back through the Fire Castle to reach Ling-Rang again.
  • Talk to Moo-Man. Call him near the stuck door in the well to get to Mt Cone-Rum. Here is a picture of where to call him.

  • Go through the Cave to Cone-Rum. At the end, head east to Mt Cone-Rum.
  • Follow these directions at Mt Cone-Rum: head past the first door and take the second one. From there, go to the next door. After that, just follow the path to the last boss.
  • Defeat King Gulp to win the game! Yahoooooo!

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