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Field Meet

Little Ninja Brothers isn't just an RPG! It's even got a little track and field meet mini game, with 6 different events! Since you will have to play these mini-games to progress in the game (mainly to earn special abilities and equipment), I will be covering all the types of mini-games, how to play them, and when you will encounter them.

How to Play: Keep mashing the A Button (a Turbo Controller helps here) while holding a direction on the D Pad to run. While standing still, press the A Button to punch or shoot, depending on what game you're playing. Pressing the B Button with a direction will do a jumping flip forward, which actually works better than running. Finally, pressing the B Button and then a direction while in the air will do a Dragon Kick forward as long as you have a "K" Mark remaining.

Event 1: Dash

Objective: Race to the finish. That's it.

Where to find: It's not in the RPG section of the game. You can find it on the Field Meet section of the game.

Tips for winning: Nothing to it, really. Just keep jumping (rather than mashing poor little A Button) to easily win the race.

Event 2: Popping

Objective: Race to the finish, but pop the balloons along the way for extra points. Whoever gets the most points wins.

Where to find: In order to get the Dragon Kick at the beginning of the game, you must complete this mini-game in Hynen. Pop 20 balloons and get a higher score to win.

Tips for winning: Keep jumping across the field. Try to land on balloons as you jump, and don't let any get away!

Event 3: Athletic

Objective: Race to the finish, while leaping over streams, jumping over ponds, and dodging rolling logs.

Where to find: Talk to Vigilante Dog and Vigilante Monkey in the garbage can (I'm serious...) in the town of Yokan. You will have to complete (you don't have to win) this mini-game in order to get the Tiger Sword off them.

Tips for winning: Jump over everything. If you are at the edge of the pond, use a Dragon Kick rather than using the floating raft supplied there.

Event 4: Treasure

Objective: It's not the "Discovery Race" of FF Tactics. Rather, you must punch the rocks you see along the track. One of them has the Treasure. Bring the Treasure back to the finish line first.

Where to find: You'll have to complete this event in order to get the strongest punch in the game. This game can be found in Ling-Rang.

Tips for winning: Punch every rock you see along the way. Missing the treasure is a pain in the pooter.

Event 5: Eating

Objective: Mmmmm.... race to the finish, while picking up flying food for bonus points. Highest score wins!

Where to find: Go to the McRonalds Restauraunts in Okay and Chatzy, and you can play for 15 Sen. Winning will get you a full life refill.

Tips for winning: To get the food, you must eat it, not destroy it! Stand in one spot and jump straight up to eat it.

Event 6: Shooting

Objective: Race to the finish, but shoot the flying targets for bonus points. Highest score wins.

Where to find: In order to get the T-Star equipment, play this game at Wise Stallion's place northwest of Yokan.

Tips for winning: If you press the A Button when too close to the targets, you will punch the target rather than shoot it, so keep your distance.

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