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Here is a listing of all of the characters you will run into during your adventure. I have also included brief descriptions of each character, as well as a portrait, and if applicable, a battle picture or area map screenshot! Now, there may be spoilers on this page, but I have organized the characters into CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, meaning the order in which you meet them. If you don't want to know who shows up next, then don't scroll down too far!

Choose a character
Jack Ryu Blu Boltar
Emperor Chin Mentor Wise Stallion
Mayor Of Delichous Delicacy Store Owner Tub-A-Tummy
Real Mayor of Delichous Mouchee Mouse Moonlit Tiger
Cheerful Snake Brothers Queen of Water Lilies Evil Queen
Mayor of Cilly Talisman-y Salesman Vigilante Monkey and Dog
Prince Bonbon Rogee Rabbit Kung-Fu Master Gen
Shorin Temple Scholars Kung-Fu master Rick The Wise Ram
Princess Leila Wil the Wiz The REAL Princess Leila
Devillian Moo-Man Mistress Banko
Ms. Oinker Ten-jin The Great King Gulp

Jack: Little Ninja Brother #1

The main hero of the game, controlled by Player #1. He and his brother Ryu have been training under their wise mentor, redundantly named Mentor. Jack and Ryu witness an event on national TV in which Emperor Chin of Yokan is kidnapped by an evil, evil man named Blu Boltar.

Ryu: Little Ninja Brother #2

Jack's brother, apparently a twin. Ryu sounds more like a typical ninja name, does it not? Ryu is controlled by Player #2, as long as you have a friend to play the game with.... 8)

Blu Boltar: Evil fiend!

This naughty man (and general of the Yoma Clan) has kidnapped Emperor Chin of Chinaland, which some of you will recognize from Super Ninja Boy. His motives are unknown...

Emperor Chin: Emperor of Chinaland

This funny looking guy is the Emperor of Chinaland, truly! He normally resides peacefully in Yokan, but Blu Boltar has kidnapped him and apparently banged him over the head with something! It's up to Jack and Ryu to save him before the giant bump on his head gets any bigger!

Mentor: Sensei of Jack and Ryu

Everything our heroes learned, they got from this guy. Mentor lives in his dojo at Mt. Epin near the town of Hynen. It is here where our heroes start the adventure. Mentor gives you 160 Sen (what a guy!) and one of the Bells of Prism. Strangely enough, if you return to the dojo, he's nowhere to be seen.....

The Wise Stallion

This helpful horse-guy lives in the Divine House a little north of Hynen, and will teach you the art of the T-Stars and the Surger! That is, if you complete his training course! He also knows the location of the second Bell of Prism.

The Mayor of Deli-chous

The mayor of the world-famous town of Deli-Chous has been quite a glutton lately. He has taken all the city's fine foods... reducing their daily food intake to roasted slugs, boiled lizards, salted spiders, and grass! Gotta love the game's quirks, eh?

Delicacy Store Owner

It figures that the only store that still has some food left is this guy's place: his delicacies include roasted slugs, boiled lizards, and salted spiders! I'd rather starve.... O_o


Now here's an original bad guy! Tub-A-Tummy, one of the deranged Yoma Clan, has imposed as the mayor of Deli-Chous, and is stealing all the food from the city! The people ask the mayor why he is doing this, and he offers them some food. They keep eating until they black out, and end up in prison..... where they are fattened up into meatballs and eaten by Tub-A-Tummy!

The Real Mayor of Deli-chous

Locked in prison by the evil Tub-A-Tummy, the Real Mayor is too fat to squeeze through the secret passage out of jail and to freedom.... as are the rest of the meatballs.. er, prisoners. Once you free the mayor by beating Tub-A-Tummy, the Mayor will treat you to all you can eat! 8)

Savior Mouchee-Mouse

This cute little mouse thingy lives south of Deli-chous, and she likes to play little funny-face games! She has an amulet that protects from Tub-A-Tummy's spells, and she'll give it to you whether or not you laugh at her face. If you're like me, you will probably laugh.

Savior Moonlit Tiger

The one person in Cilly City that hasn't been messed up by the Evil Queen's spell (besides the Cheerful Snake Brothers), he tells you to go east of Cilly City to find the antidote that cures stupidity..... antidotes apparently do that... O_o.

The Cheerful Snake Brothers

The Cheerful Snake Brothers own the Hotel and Tool Shop in Cilly City. Better than the normal shop owners, huh?

Queen of The Water Lily Spirits

She's not the queen who makes people stupid... she's the real queen! The fake queen is disguised as her and has taken over Cilly City. The only thing this Queen can do for you is give you the extremely helpful Mirror Shield, which reflects back stone spells.

The Evil Queen

This scary looking bat-woman is the one responsible for Cilly City's stupidity... but you probably figured that out by now. She's also a tough to beat boss who can turn you into stone, or into an idiot... eek!

Mayor Of Cilly City

Look at this guy's ears! Hahaha! This man runs Cilly City, but you won't actually meet him until you kill the Evil Queen. He gives our heroes the Yellow Bell of Prism for helping.

Talisman-y Salesman

The people of Okay say this guy isn't really cut out to be a salesman, but he's the only guy who has the valuable Talisman-y which protects against Blu Boltar's spells! Whenever you make him a deal, he says he won't take it... but he says he's thirsty. It's up to Jack and Ryu to quench his thirst then (don't you get sent on the weirdest quests?).

Vigilante Monkey and Vigilante Dog

These two have been fighting for.... 9999999 years, according to the story.... O_o. You'd figure they would settle it by now, huh? Anyway.... if you complete their training course, they will give you the Tiger Sword and the Combined Cross attack!

Prince Bonbon

When you first meet Bonbon (the son of Emperor Chin for those of you who haven't played SNB), he is being attacked by Blu Boltar. After you save Yokan, he promises to be your friend forever...... what a nut.... O_o.. at least he gives you the Green Bell of Prism!

Savior Rogee Rabbit

This funny looking, yet well informed rabbit lives south of Yokan, and knows a lot about the surrounding area. Feel free to ask him some questions, or ask for his Top Secret info for an unpleasant surprise about his personal hygiene.

Kung-fu Master Gen

He looks, talks, acts and sound suspiciously like Gengai from Super Ninja Boy, right? Well, it's him with a slightly different name and a different colour pallete. He lives in a temple in Shorin, and teaches Kung-fu. By the way, he can be found in the Culture Brain game Flying Warriors, along with Rick.

The Shorin Temple Scholars

From left to right: Hoe-mer, Hit-Man, Charlie, Herculean, Hick, Winoman.

These guys are studying kung-fu and other assorted fighting styles at Shorin Temple. In order to get the Blue Bell of Prism, you will have to beat them all in battle.

Kung-fu Master Rick

Another cameo appearance from Flying Warriors! Looks like Culture Brain likes to try and link their games together, eh? Rick will give you the Blue Bell of Prism once you defeat all of his scholars.

The Wise Ram

Ahem..... let me try to explain this without laughing..... hee hee... Wise Ram is an old hermit who lives in a pond outside Shorin Temple, and he hands out Golden Claws to those who throw in Iron Claws and prove their honesty. I'm not lying, it's completely true. Take a look at the second screenshot: looks like I accidentally stuck a claw through his head. Oops!

Princess Leila

Those of you who have played Super Ninja Boy may be wondering... why is she a bird now? You'll find out. Just keep reading.

Wil The Wiz

Here's the reason why Leila is a bird. As soon as you visit Leila in the snowfield, this huge-nosed Yoma Clan wizard attacks. Beat him to earn the Eagle Sword.

Princess Leila: The HUMAN version

After defeating Wil the Wiz, Leila offers to help you. Use the Call command on the World Map while standing in front of the flames of the Flame Castle, and she will run in and extinguish them! What a nice girl. Cool hair, too!


This really, really, really evil looking dragon thing lives in the Fire Castle. In order to pass through, you'll have to defeat him. Beware... he's tough! It would be best to read up on my enemy strategy before tackling him.


A big brainless oaf, as you may have figured. However, he's brainless because the divine have removed his mind for always playing tricks on people... that's karma for ya, eh? Anyways, if you can find a way to get him back to normal (and to stop crying), his strength may be useful.....

Mistress Banko

Supposedly an earth goddess, Mistress Banko runs the underground district of Mei-Tong. She gives you the last Bell of Prism and tells you to go on to Shinshin Tower. She also knows the way into Mt. Cone-Rum.

Ms. Oinker: Servant to Ten-jin the Great

The first thing this crazy piggy lady does is screw up your screen, just to cheese you off and think that the game screwed up... it tricked me!!! She is the servant of Ten-jin the great, and by meeting her with all 7 Bells of Prism, you can cross over to the Celestial Realm to meet him.

Ten-jin the Great

Look familiar to you? I'm not going to tell you..... 8) He lives in the Celestial Realm, and he will give you the ultimate sword of the game, the Prism Sword! Woohoo!

King Gulp

The final boss, and a rather scary one at that! This jerk gets 2 attacks per turn, and they are always the exact same thing! This has got to be the cheapest, most annoying last boss I have ever met!

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