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Here is a list of items found in Little Ninja Brothers, with accompanying pictures showing how they work. You can buy these items in most Tool Shops throughout the game. To find out where to purchase these items, look at the Towns And Shopping section of the shrine.

Sweet Bun

An essential item for long trips, the Sweet Bun is the Medical Herb of this game. It can be used inside or outside of battle, it recovers 40 HP, and you can carry 8 at a time. They sell for 10 Sen, which is quite inexpensive!

In the screenshots below, look at the HP value of Jack. The first is before using a Sweet Bun, the second is after. Jack's Maximum HP here is 42.

Skate Board

Need to escape from battle? Are the enemies overwhelming you? Hop on a Skateboard for a quick ride to freedom! They sell in most towns for 20 Sen, and you can carry up to 8 at a time.

Skateboards can be used in battle only. Simply press Start to bring up the Item Menu, select Skateboard, and ride away scott free (and Tony free and Tim free!) 8)

Whirly Bird

If you've played Dragon Warrior and you know what the Wings of The Wyvern do, you'll be familiar with the Whirly Bird. Use one of these on the world map to fly back to any previously visited town. They sell for 15 Sen, but you won't be able to buy them until Delichous. You can carry a maximum of 8 at a time.

Simply select Whirly Bird from the Item Menu, choose the town to return to (in this case Hynen) and fly, fly away!

Boo Bomb

Use this item in battle to cause a massive BANG that scares enemies, immobilizing them so you can rush in and beat them up! This does not work on all enemies.

The Boo Bomb can be picked up in battle, but is not sold in stores.

Meat Bun

Just like a Sweet Bun, except it's not sweet... it's meat! Ugh, that was horrible... A Meat Bun sells for a lot more money than a Sweet Bun at 100 Sen, but refills ALL of your HP!

The Meat Bun can be used in battle or on the field. Too bad you can only hold 1 at a time. You can start buying them once you reach the Town of Okay, but that's the only town you'll find em in.... so return to Okay whenever you need another.


Let's say you're playing 2 Player mode, and your friend gets wiped out? What do you do, oh what DO you do? Well, either walk all the way back to the Convenience Store, or use a Medicine to instantly revive your ally! Woohoo!

The Medicine can only be used outside of battle. You can hold only one at a time. Buy it in Shorin for 100 Sen if you feel the need.

Dragstar and Batteries

Use the Dragstar on the World Map, and you can drive around without ANY enemy encounters! Woohoo! Batteries are needed to power it, and they are sold in Chatzy.

The Dragstar is found in the Yoma Chateau in the Snow Field. You can carry 8 Batteries at a time.

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