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Hacking List

Note: The following sections were written by The Great Hiryuu here at RPGC. Therefore, do not thank me for them; give credit where credit is due!

This is a list of the codes used for hacking FCE Ultra save states in Little Ninja Brothers. If you do not yet know how to hack save states, click here for an explanation.

* For numerical values that can take more than two hexadecimal digits (numbers over 255), to enter in a number lower than 255, use the first two spots listed. For a number between 256 and 65535 (That is, numbers that would take between 3 and 4 digits to enter), you have to put in the first two digits in the second spot, and the last two in the first. For numbers taking 5 or 6, the first two digits go in the third spot, next two in second spot, and last two in third spot
For example, let's say you want $1,000,000 in the bank. That would be F4240 in hexadecimal. There is room for 6 digits to put in the money. But you must put the first two digits in the last two places, the first two digits of the hexadecimal are 0F (You must think of all these to be an even number of digits). Then 42, then 40. So, to get $1,000,000, you'd enter 40420F. It's complicated, and takes some getting used to.


0467 Jack's HP (For "RPG Battles")
046F Ryu's HP (For "RPG Battles")
0454 Jack's K's
045C Ryu's K's
0457 Jack's "Weight Modifier" (Put a value other than 00 here to make Jack fat)
045F Ryu's "Weight Modifier" (Put a value other than 00 here to make Ryu fat)
047E Number of M's
047F Number of T Stars
0485-0487 Experience
0488 Max HP
0489 Attack
048A-048C Sen (Money)
0597 Jack's HP
059F Ryu's HP


048D Equipped Punch
048F Equipped Sword
0490 Equipped Shield
0491 Equipped Robe
0492 Equipped Talisman
0493 Equipped Amulet
0498 Equipped Light
0499 Equipped T Stars
049A Treasure
049B Bells of Prism

Items (Note that you can't give yourself more of any item than you'd normally be able to get)

049D Number of Batteries
049E Number of Whirly Birds
049F Number of Medicines
04A0 Number of Sweet Buns
04A1 Number of Meat Buns
04A2 Number of Dragsters
04A3 Number of Sk-Boards
04A4 Number of Boo Bombs



00 Nothing
01 Iron Claw
02 Crush Punch
03 Mega Punch
04 Fire Punch
05 Blunt Punch
06 Golden Claw
07 Lee's Punch
08 Prism Claw


00 Nothing
01 Hawk Sword
02 Hawk Sword
03 Tiger Sword
04 Eagle Sword
05 Prism Sword


00 Nothing
01 Scale Shield
02 Mirror Shield
03 Fire Shield
04 Prism Shield


00 Nothing
01 White Robe
02 Black Robe
03 Lee's Robe
04 Sacred Robe


00 Nothing
01 Talisman-a
02 Talisman-B
03 Talisman ???
04 Talisman-Y
05 Talisman-E
06 Talisman-Omega
07 Talisman ???


00 Nothing
01 Amulet-I
02 Amulet-II
03 Amulet ???
04 Amulet ???
05 Amulet-III
06 Amulet-IV


00 Nothing
01 Match
02 Candle
03 Torch
04 Piece of the Sun

T Stars

*To give yourself multiple T Stars, add the hex values of the T Stars you want, and put that result in the offset.

00 Nothing
01 Single
02 Volley
04 Boomerang
08 Fixer


*To give yourself both treasures, just add the hex values of the two of them, and put that result in the offset (ie put in 03).

00 Nothing
01 Mind
02 Antidote

Bells of Prism

*To give yourself multiple Bells, add the hex values of the Bells you want, and put that result in the offset.

00 Nothing
01 Red Bell of Prism
02 Orange Bell of Prism
04 Yellow Bell of Prism
08 Green Bell of Prism
10 Dark Blue Bell of Prism
20 Light Blue Bell of Prism
40 Magenta Bell of Prism

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