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Bestiary: Introduction

This is a list of all the enemies in the game, their levels, tips for beating them, their stomping grounds, and each battle's EXP and Sen values.

Keep in mind the EXP and Sen are generated a little differently from other RPGS. EXP and Sen earned are based on the battle, not which enemies you kill in the fight. For example, if you had to kill 5 enemies, and some were Level 1 and the others were Level 5, killing a bunch of Level 5 enemies wouldn't make a difference. See what I mean?

Because of this, I have separated the Bestiary into 2 different sections: the Enemy List and the Battle List. The enemy list tells about the enemies you encounter, whereas the Battle List tells you all the combinations of battles you will come across, as well as what you get for winning.

Enemy List

Battle List

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