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Affinity: Fire
Initial ClassPromotion(Promotion Item)
Wyvern LordNone
WeaponWeapon LevelAdditional Weapon after promotion
Lance, SwordANone
 Level HPStr/Mag SkillSpeed LuckDef ResMove ConAid
Initial Stats9 4320 1913 1121 68 128
Boss Stats(chapter 24)10 6025 2322 025 208 128
Max Stats(promoted)20 6025 2624 3027 2320 2524
Growth Rate  60%45% 25%40% 30%25% 15%0% 0%0%
Joins inJoin RequirementsCarrying
Chapter 27(Eliwood)Speak with Eliwood Spear
Chapter 29(Hector)Speak with HectorSpear

When you first meet Vaida, she's the boss of chapter 24, DON'T FIGHT HER! If she didn't die in chapter 24, she'll join you in chapter 27, or chapter 29 in Hector's route.

As for flying units, I really prefer pegasus/falcon knights, so I never really used Vaida. But just looking at her stat growth and max stats that she can reach, I'd say that she has good HP with an okay strength. Vaida can get a high defence, but her defence growth is only 25%. Plus she's already promoted, and that really limits her growth.

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