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Rebecca & Wil

Level C:

WIL: Hunh? Hey! Rebecca? Yeah! Rebecca!
REBECCA: ...Um, who are you, again?
WIL: Wha? It's me! You know! Wil! The guy next door!
REBECCA: ...Well... I know of no such person.
WIL: Really?
REBECCA: ......
WIL: Sorry...I guess I've got the wrong person...
WIL: Well, so long...
REBECCA: Hm? Wait... ...... Drat!

Level B:

WIL: Oh, So, umm...what is your name?
REBECCA: Rebecca!
WIL: Hunh? So your name IS Rebecca? What a coincidence! I used to know a...
REBECCA: That's what I'm saying! I am that Rebecca!
WIL: What? But didn't you say earlier that you didn't know me?
REBECCA: I did, but... Come on! How could I have the same face and the same name as her? Just believe me!
WIL: So it is you, Rebecca?
WIL: Well, but... Then why didn't you say so?! It's been so long!
REBECCA: Don't give me that "been so long" stuff! You left saying you were going on a journey, and I never even heard from you again!
WIL: Oh, yeah... I enlisted in the Caelin army...
REBECCA: In the army? You did?
WIL: Yeah, I traveled for a few years, and now I work for Lyn.
REBECCA: Lyn... You mean Lady Lyndis?
WIL: Yeah, right. I keep forgetting to use her full name and title. You know, I am in her service... I really should get her title correct...
REBECCA: ......
WIL: Rebecca? What's wrong? Why is your face all--
REBECCA: ...! Idiot!
WIL: ...... You...kicked the stomach...

Level A:

WIL: Hey... What are you so mad about? Did I do something?
REBECCA: ......
WIL: I don't get it...
REBECCA: ...I don't care if you do! Why don't you just go to your Lady Lyndis!?
WIL: You can't let it go, can you? That stuff from when we were little...
REBECCA: Shut up! You don't know me! I'm no one to you!
WIL: What does that mean?
REBECCA: Wil, I don't care where you go, just stay away from me! You're just like my brother! He left and never came back!
WIL: Dan hasn't come back yet?
REBECCA: No... Why?
WIL: Well, Dan and I left together to make our fortunes, to help our families. Of course, things didn't go so well... But when we parted at Badon, that was only a few months after leaving the village!
REBECCA: Really? Then my brother...
WIL: ...I'm sorry, Rebecca. I thought Dan had returned to Pherae long ago.
REBECCA: ......
WIL: Rebecca... I'm sorry I left...... It must have been...hard.
REBECCA: Wil! ...Wil!
WIL: I won't leave you again... I'll always stay near...and protect you.

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