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Rebecca & Sain

Level C:

SAIN: Wohh!
REBECCA: Wh-What is it?
SAIN: O beautiful vision of delight, please tell me your name!
REBECCA: It's Rebecca...
SAIN: Rebecca. Such a lovely sound! So simple, yet it has a kind of crystal-perfect ring to it... I must say, it suits you so... elegantly...
REBECCA: Please...stop. You're embarrassing me. It's just a name.
SAIN: My dear Rebecca! it is unsafe here. Come to my side! We knights are honor-bound to protect fair maidens...
REBECCA: Look, I'm nobody's maiden, all right? I'm just a girl from a small village, OK?
SAIN: For one so lovely, humble beginnings matter not! Dear Rebecca, take my hand!
REBECCA: Uhh, no thanks. I think I'd rather walk.

Level B:

SAIN: Ahh, Rebecca!
REBECCA: ......
SAIN: What lovely weather! It is as if the skies wish to bless our meeting!
REBECCA: ......
SAIN: Hm? Am I deceived, or do you regard me with a somewhat icy gaze this morn?
REBECCA: ...Sain.
SAIN: Y-Yes...?
REBECCA: Lady Lyndis told me about you... About how you would flirt with every woman you saw in Caelin.
SAIN: Ulp...
REBECCA: I had no idea. I thought you were just being nice.
SAIN: Ah, do not misunderstand... You see, it is my fate, my curse, if you can call it such...
REBECCA: What, that you have to hit on lots and lots of women? Tell the truth.
SAIN: I... I... Yes.
REBECCA: How many?
SAIN: Well... All of them. Every woman I've ever seen, I guess... But they are all just so unspeakably beautiful!
REBECCA: I see. Well, you should know that I could never be with someone like you. Good-bye.
SAIN: Ahh!! Rebecca! ...Blast my honesty!

Level A:

REBECCA: ......
SAIN: Rebecca! Why have you come? Ahh, you've come to see me!
REBECCA: I...just wanted to return this.
SAIN: But I... I sent that letter to you...
REBECCA: Yeah, well, it's a pretty boring letter. It says nothing but "I love you," and "you're the sweetest."
SAIN: ...By returning this, you must...
REBECCA: ......
SAIN: So you return my feelings!?
REBECCA: Err, no... I'm just giving it back because it's meaningless.
SAIN: ...Meaningless? What are you saying?
REBECCA: Look, Sain... You say these things to every woman you meet. Therefore, none of those women feel special!
SAIN: Is that how you see me?
REBECCA: Yeah...
SAIN: ...But surely I must have some good points! And besides, my feelings for you are real!
REBECCA: Sain... ...Are you really that serious about me?
SAIN: Yes.
REBECCA: I... Can I trust you?
SAIN: Yes, of course!
REBECCA: Then, Sain... You won't mind if I go tell Lady Lyndis about us right away?
SAIN: ......
REBECCA: ...Sain?
SAIN: ...Ahhh, sure you can. ...If you feel you must.
REBECCA: I knew it! Sain, you're a pig!
SAIN: Whoa! Wait! Rebecca, my love!!

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