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Raven & Wil

Level C:

WIL: Greetings! We seem to run into each other often.
RAVEN: ... ...
WIL: You're Raven right? I'm Wil. Nice to make your acquaintance.
RAVEN: Ah...
WIL: Say, Raven. I've got a question for you, as a fellow in arms...
RAVEN: What?
WIL: How old are you?
RAVEN: Why ask me that?
WIL: I was just thinking that we were probably about the same. But you've got this aura like you've seen it all... And you talk like you're older ... So maybe you are, I thought.
RAVEN: ...And what of it if I am?
WIL: Eh? So you are older! Ah, I shoulda shown more respect, eh?
RAVEN: ... ...
WIL: Very well. I shall treat you as my senior in all things henceforth! Nice to make your acquaintance, senior!
RAVEN: ... ...

Level B:

WIL: Eh? Ah! Senior Raven! How may I help you?
RAVEN: First, you can stop calling me "senior."
WIL: Well then, Sir Raven?
RAVEN: No "sir," either.
WIL: Eh? Yes, but age and rank are very important...
RAVEN: How old are you?
WIL: Seventeen, sir!
RAVEN: I'm 19.
WIL: Huh? I guess we aren't that far apart after all. Whoops!
RAVEN: Right. So no more "seniors" and "sirs," got it?
WIL: Yeah, but still, be it two years, a senior is a senior! And besides, I think "Senior Raven" has a nice ring to it...
RAVEN: ...Wil.
WIL: Fine, fine. If it'll get you to stop scowling, I'll talk normal.
RAVEN: What scowl?
WIL: That! What you're doing right now!
RAVEN: ... ...This is my normal face.
WIL: Hunh? No way!
RAVEN: ... ...
WIL: Ah! Sorry! Wait up! Sorry...! Sorry!

Level A:

WIL: Howdy, Raven!
RAVEN: What is it, Master of Rudeness?
WIL: What's that?
RAVEN: A name. I think it suits you.
WIL: Hey, don't go giving me weird names like that! ...Ah...sorry, in a bad mood, sir?
RAVEN: ... ... What do you think?
WIL: How the heck should I-- Look, with you, Raven, it's either "scowling" or "terrifying."
RAVEN: Ah... Yet the scowl does not stop your prattle, does it?
WIL: Yeah, I mean, what if that's just your normal face, like you say? How am I to know--you might really NOT be mad?
RAVEN: And if I was...really...mad?
WIL: Erm, well, yeah, that'd be frightening. But, when you're really, really, mad, Raven... I bet you're the type to say nothing and just cut away with your sword! So, you're not really mad now, right?
RAVEN: ... ... ... Tell me... Your cluelessness... is that just an act?
WIL: ...Eh? You say something?
RAVEN: Ah...nothing.
WIL: You know, I just had a thought. How about "Rave"?
RAVEN: ...What's a "rave"?
WIL: It's a nickname! Yours! Like it? Rave!
RAVEN: ... ...You really are an idiot.

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