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Nino & Rebecca

Level C:

REBECCA: Hello! You're Nino, right?
NINO: Yeah... I'm Nino! Who are you?
REBECCA: I'm Rebecca. I'm 15. How old are you?
NINO: I'm 14! We're almost the same age!
REBECCA: Yeah! I thought so! Wow! This is great! We need to hang out!
NINO: Yeah!
REBECCA: Hey... Would you like some of this?
NINO: Is this...a baked dumpling?
REBECCA: Yeah, if you like it, go ahead.
NINO: I love baked dumplings! Thank you! It's...delicious! Wow! It's... great! You made this, Rebecca?
REBECCA: Yeah. I really like cooking.
NINO: Wow! You're amazing, Rebecca!
REBECCA: Oh, it's nothing special! I'm sure you could make them, too!
NINO: Really? You really think so?
REBECCA: Sure, I'll even show you how.
NINO: Yeah! I can't wait!

Level B:

NINO: Hey, Rebecca! So, that dumpling I gave you earlier... How was it?
REBECCA: Oh, it was delicious!
NINO: Really?
REBECCA: Oh, yeah, of course. Might have been a little on the salty side... But you're definitely improving!
NINO: Really? Do you mean that?
REBECCA: And, um, Nino... Cooking's good and all, but I want to teach you something else...
NINO: Oh. What?
REBECCA: Do you know how to make necklaces out of dried berries?
NINO: No! Show me how!
REBECCA: All right! So take half of these berries here...
NINO: They're beautiful! What pretty colors! Yellows, reds... Do you use these green ones, too?
REBECCA: Yep. Now look at this. Open a little hole, like so... And pass the thread, like so... See? And that's all it takes!
NINO: Wow! You're amazing! You can do anything!
REBECCA: Now, try making your own...
NINO: All right! I'll show it to you when I finish!

Level A:

REBECCA: So...Nino. How's that necklace coming?
NINO: Oh, Rebecca! Here! Take a look!
REBECCA: Wow! That's nice! Good job, Nino!
NINO: Well, I had a good teacher, I guess! But I think maybe it's a little big for me...
REBECCA: Hmm. It might be at that... Why don't you just give it to someone you fancy?
NINO: Someone I fancy?
REBECCA: Yeah, you know... Someone you like?
NINO: Rebecca, did you give a necklace to someone?
REBECCA: Well, I... It's a secret...
NINO: Hmm... Here... Take it.
REBECCA: Really?
NINO: I want you to have it. You've been so nice to me.
REBECCA: Nino...
NINO: Thanks for everything, Rebecca. I hope we always stay friends.
REBECCA: Yeah, of course! I do, too! Thanks, Nino!

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