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Affinity: Fire
Initial ClassPromotion(Promotion Item)
MageSage(Guiding Ring/Earth Seal)
WeaponWeapon LevelAdditional Weapon after promotion
Anima MagicCStaff
 Level HPStr/Mag SkillSpeed LuckDef ResMove ConAid
Initial Stats5 197 811 104 75 32
Max Stats(unpromoted)20 6020 2020 2020 2020 2019
Max Stats(promoted)20 6030 2826 3021 2520 2020
Promotion  +3+1 +1+0 +0+3 +3+1 +1+1
Growth Rate  55%50% 55%60% 45%15% 50%0% 0%0%
Joins inJoin RequirementsCarrying
Chapter 26(Eliwood)Speak with Eliwood Elfire, Elixir
Chapter 28(Hector)Speak with Hector Elfire, Elixir

Nino is without a doubt the best mage in the game, just look at her growth rate. With Afa's Drop, all of her stat growth rate will be on or above 50%(with the exception of defence). But there is a price you have to pay to get her up to speed with the others. You get her very late in the game at a very low level, it is going to be a challenge to level her up because she can die very easily with all the tough enemies around. You will have to lower the enemies' hp everytime and then let Nino finish them off for the exp. If you don't like to spend alot of time, just stick with what you have. If you want a challenge, then try to level her up.

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