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Merlinus & Vaida

Level C:

MERLINUS: Yaaawn! Ahh, another peaceful day in the life of a transporter...
VAIDA: Are you Merlinus?!
MERLINUS: Hya... Hyaaaa!!
VAIDA: Why are you screaming, little man? I am your ally, not your foe! You do understand that, don't you?
MERLINUS: Ah, of course, Dame Vaida! A-And what business do you have with me?
VAIDA: I am your guard today. And I may see you more often in the future, as well.
VAIDA: Well, don't you look excited? I'm glad to see it. I'm glad of it, myself. You make good bait to draw the enemy near... I don't know how well it will work, but it seems like a good ploy to try...
MERLINUS: Hyaa... This is terrifying! These Bern soldiers love fighting more than eating! With friends like these, who needs enemies? ...Ohohohoh!

Level B:

VAIDA: Merlinus!
MERLINUS: Yes! I am here. What is it?
VAIDA: The enemies aren't coming.
VAIDA: Well, there are a few small fry, but I seek bigger game... I would like...a general!
MERLINUS: Ahh, yes, but... I'm not sure what I can... Ah, Dame Vaida...perhaps now would be a good time to understand the joy of peace...
VAIDA: You boil my blood, merchant. I don't care who it is anymore... I just need someone for lance practice!
MERLINUS: ...Hyaa! Perhaps, Dame Knight, I saw the shadow of the enemy in that direction...
VAIDA: Really?!
MERLINUS: Y-Yes!! And it was a powerful-looking unit!
VAIDA: Good eye, Merlinus! Leave him to me!
MERLINUS: Haa...finally.
VAIDA: Merlinus.
VAIDA: You were telling the truth just now, weren't you? Because, you should know, I am highly agitated right now... If you were lying to me...
MERLINUS: Hyaa... Hyaaaaaaa!! Lord Eliwood! Lord Hector! She is a demon!! How could you have allied us with her!? ...Ohhh.

Level A:

VAIDA: Merlinus!
MERLINUS: D-Dame Vaida! W-Why don't you try one of these?
VAIDA: What is this?
MERLINUS: It is a roasted dumpling... I do hope you'll find it palatable...
VAIDA: Roasted dumpling? That is food for children! Ahh, very well, give it here.
MERLINUS: A-And... How is the flavor, m'lady?
VAIDA: Merlinus!
VAIDA: I...have never tasted anything like this!
MERLINUS: Hyaa! Please forgive me! Just spare my life!
VAIDA: It's delicious! It is truly a wonderful flavor! Silly man, you are a genius!
MERLINUS: A-All right...
VAIDA: I'll be back! And next time, you will have many more of these!
MERLINUS: Yes, yes, of course... ...... Well, well... She may be mostly demon, but at least she is a little bit woman... Few ladies can resist my dumplings... I hoped this has secured my safety...
VAIDA: Merlinus!
VAIDA: Thanks for the pastry! Take this!
MERLINUS: Wha--? What is this?
VAIDA: That's a meatball from my pack. Try it with your wine...
MERLINUS: My... This does look tasty! Now let's see... ... ... ... Hm? What is this flavor? What kind of meat is this?
VAIDA: Don't know.
MERLINUS: You don't know?!
VAIDA: Ahh... I must be off... Now, eat up! If you leave any unfinished, I'll take your head off!
MERLINUS: Hyaa...Hyaaaaa!! Dame Vaida! Wait!! Just tell me what kind of meat this is!! Dame Vaaaida!!

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