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Affinity: Water
Initial ClassPromotion(Promotion Item)
WeaponWeapon LevelAdditional Weapon after promotion
Sword, Lance, AxeA(sword, lance), B(axe)None
 Level HPStr/Mag SkillSpeed LuckDef ResMove ConAid
Initial Stats1 3115 1511 810 88 1114
Max Stats(promoted)20 6025 2425 3025 2520 2525
Growth Rate  65%30% 50%25% 30%15% 35%0% 0%0%
Joins inJoin RequirementsCarrying
Chapter 11(Eliwood)None Steel Sword, Steel Lance
Chapter 12(Hector)NoneSteel Sword, Steel Lance

Marcus is your strongest unit at the begining, but because he is a promoted unit, he will not gain much exp(usually gain around 3 exp for every kill whereas your other units might gain 30 exp). So, if you can, don't use him at all, unless your weaker units are in deep deep DEEP trouble and can't get out.

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