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Lyn & Rath

Level C:

RATH: Ah...Lyn.
LYNDIS: Thank you, Rath. you've saved me again.
RATH: I need no thanks from a fellow plainsdweller.
LYNDIS: Actually... There's something that I've always wanted to ask you.
RATH: What's that?
LYNDIS: Are all Kutolah men quiet? My father and the other Lorca men didn't talk much, but they were gossiping magpies compared to you.
RATH: ... ...
LYNDIS: And you never smile, either. Why? Are...Are you mad becuase I dragged you here...into this? ...Are you angry with me? Because if you are...
RATH: I'm not angry.
LYNDIS: But you don't talk?
RATH: There's no need.
LYNDIS: ... ...Oh.

Level B:

LYNDIS: ... ...
RATH: What's wrong, Lyn?
LYNDIS: What? Oh, nothing...
RATH: The battlefield is no place for daydreaming. ... ...You'll get killed.
LYNDIS: I, um, yes. I'm sorry.
RATH: ... ...
LYNDIS: I was thinking of my grandfather... He was still...asleep...when I left Caelin. Just when it seemed he was getting better... Why... Why must these things happen to me? ...I don't want to lose him. Not...another one.
RATH: ... ...
LYNDIS: Well. Enough of dark thoughts! Why...Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself, Rath? The Kutolah tribe is quite large, is it not? is it true that you have no enemies, for all fear your leader, the Silver Wolf?
RATH: Can't say.
LYNDIS: Pardon?
RATH: I left Kutolah before I was old enough to understand such things. For fifteen years now, I've traveled by myself.
LYNDIS: Why leave your tribe?
RATH: ... ...

Level A:

LYNDIS: Rath... Tell me the rest of your story, please. Why did you have to leave the tribe?
RATH: ...The tribe diviner saw a bad omen in the stars. As...the chieftain's son, I had to leave to prevent disaster.
LYNDIS: What disaster?
RATH: Can't say. ...But the diviner did tell me I would know when the time came. He said I was born into this land to stop the burning... A dark flame, consuming all.
LYNDIS: ... ...
RATH: At the time I was less than four, without even the means to survive. I wandered, not knowing right from left, ...The people of other tribes laughed and ridiculed me.
LYNDIS: ... ...
RATH: I do not feel the loneliness now as I did then... but sometimes, I remember. I have never felt so alone.
LYNDIS: I see... That makes sense. When I first met you, i felt like we had something in common... Maybe it was because we shared the experience of being alone.
RATH: ... ...
LYNDIS: ... ...
RATH: Lyn...
RATH: You sure it's all right for you to be here? The battle's not over.
LYNDIS: You're right... But... I don't feel I can leave you.
RATH: ... ...
LYNDIS: When I'm with you, I feel safe. I can sense your... strength.
RATH: Lyn...
LYNDIS: Please, Rath. Let me stay here, just for a while.
RATH: ...Fine. As you wish.

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