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Lowen & Rebecca

Level C:

LOWEN: Rebecca!
REBECCA: Ah... Hello, sir. Are you well?
LOWEN: No, Rebecca, ...I am not. I am a mere soldier, undecorated and unlauded. To be honest, I am no more than an attendant knight.
REBECCA: Oh, but that's absurd! Sir Lowen, you are a fine knight! Why, I remember it so well... Countless hundreds of bandits had descended on our village...
LOWEN: Please... There were ten at most...
REBECCA: In the heat of the moment, it felt like many more!
LOWEN: Hmm...
REBECCA: Anyway, just as their fiendish grip on our village began to tighten, you appeared, Sir Lowen, on your white steed...
LOWEN: horse is sorrel.
REBECCA: This is the way I prefer to remember it, milord. Please don't ruin it by correcting me!
LOWEN: Hmm...
REBECCA: So you appeared astride your mighty steed to save us from the bandits, and I was overcome with joy...

Level B:

REBECCA: Sir Lowen!
LOWEN: Rebecca? How did you find me here?
REBECCA: Oh, that was easy! I asked Marcus, and he told me right away! How are you feeling today, Sir Lowen?
LOWEN: I am full of vigor! If only my skill matched my enthusiasm today. Lord Marcus reprimanded me several times during our march.
REBECCA: Yes, I saw that. Lord Marcus is a bit severe, isn't he?
LOWEN: No, not at all! It is more than I deserve for my incompetence! My spear arm is still unsteady, and I must sadly wonder if I will ever be of use to this army.
REBECCA: How can you say that? Sir Lowen, you are so commanding in the saddle!
LOWEN: For now, I'm nothing but an inconvenience to Lord Eliwood! I must become stronger! Beginning today, I will triple the number of my practice spear thrusts!
REBECCA: You... You're shouting. You know...I really think you try hard enough already. Here, take this... In grattitude for saving my village.
LOWEN: What is this?
REBECCA: I preserved some home-cooked meals for you to eat in the field. They should supplement your emergency rations nicely, Sir Lowen.
LOWEN: How did you know about my emergency rations? Have you asked a fortune-teller about me, or...
REBECCA: Lord Marcus told me.
LOWEN: Ah, yes! Of course he did! Lord Marcus!! How is it that you know everything!? ...Regardless, thank you, Rebecca.
REBECCA: Sure, and I'll bring plenty more!

Level A:

LOWEN: Rebecca!!
REBECCA: Sir Lowen?
LOWEN: Are you all right?
REBECCA: Why, yes... Wh-What is it, Sir Lowen?
LOWEN: You seem...unhurt... Thank goodness...I'm so're safe...
REBECCA: Yes, I am perfectly fine... Why did you think I was--
LOWEN: I had a foul premonition... I have a sense of these things. And, well, I care about much...
LOWEN: It was three years ago, Rebecca, that I lost my grandfather. Six months ago, my father. So, Rebecca, I beg you, please be careful!
REBECCA: Yes, of course... I just didn't know... Sir Lowen...that you cared...
LOWEN: Oh...!
REBECCA: Well, this is a little awkward. makes me very happy.
LOWEN: Yes, well... Err... I...
LOWEN: ......
REBECCA: So, umm...
REBECCA: That premonition you get...what's it like? It must be a truly terrible feeling...
LOWEN:'s actually just... It's a...a terrible rumbling in my stomach...
REBECCA: ...Huh?

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