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Marcus & Lowen

Level C:

MARCUS: Lowen! What are you doing?!
LOWEN: A-Ah! General Marcus!
MARCUS: Have you forgotten everything I taught you?! Be ever vigilant in surveying the field! The enemy could always catch you unawares! Do not let your inexperience be the downfall of an army, boy!
LOWEN: Y-Yes, sir. I understand!
MARCUS: You've got heart, boy. But that's about it. If you don't have the steel in your mind as well as in your belly, then you don't deserve to wear it!
LOWEN: Yes, sir!
MARCUS: But your lance thrusts are looking better!
LOWEN: Yes, sir! As per general's orders, I do 1,000 thrusts a day!
MARCUS: Idiot!
LOWEN: Ahh...
MARCUS: you are still but half a knight! And half a knight must practice twice as hard as a full knight! Do you think you will make progress by doing the bare minimum, whelp?!
LOWEN: N-No, sir!
MARCUS: At that rate, you'd never become a true knight of Pherae! Not like Harken and Isadora!
LOWEN: Y-Yes, sir! I will try harder!

Level B:

MARCUS: Hrrmph!
LOWEN: Urrgh...
MARCUS: What, can't you stand up, Lowen? What kind of a knight can't take a single blow of my spear?
LOWEN: Y-yes, sir...!
MARCUS: And again! Grrarr!
LOWEN: Oooff!
MARCUS: Ha! And how about this one?
LOWEN: Hunngggh! Ahh...
MARCUS: Lowen... If a mere glancing thrust like that is enough to dismount you, you need far more training! Now listen...before we meet to spar again...
LOWEN: Not... yet... I can... still take more... Sir Marcus... Please continue...
MARCUS: ...... All right, then! Next, take...that!!

Level A:

MARCUS: Lowen!
LOWEN: Y-Yes, sir!
MARCUS: Well done.
MARCUS: You've stood up to quite enough...And what's more, you've distinguished yourself in battle, son!
LOWEN: General Marcus...!
MARCUS: When we return to Pherae, I will see to it that you are properly decorated! Lowen, you have become a fine knight of Pherae. Well done, indeed! I am very proud of you.
LOWEN: General Marcus...Th-Thank you! It is all your doing, general!
MARCUS: Idiot! Where is your pride!? You are now a knight of Pherae! And I will no longer coddle you as I have! Learn how to conduct yourself as a knight of the first class! Understood?
LOWEN: Yes, sir!
MARCUS: Rumble...
LOWEN: General Marcus! Did your stomach just make that noise?
MARCUS: It was your imagination...Rumble...
LOWEN: There it was again!
MARCUS: Hmmph...All right...Lowen, give them up.
LOWEN: Yes, sir! Based on the sound of that rumbling...I'd say you need about five boar's meat dumplings, am I right?
MARCUS: Mm. Lowen, these are delicious...I am reminded of an old saying..."Fill your heart, but first, fill your belly..." Now don't you forget that, eh son?
LOWEN: No, sir! I won't!

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