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Legault & Nino

Level C:

LEGAULT: Nino! It's you! Ahh... At least you're still well.
NINO: Yeah! You, too, Uncle Legault!
LEGAULT: Err, umm, Nino...
NINO: What?
LEGAULT: You see, we talked about this before, didn't we...? You must stop calling me "Uncle."
NINO: But, why?
LEGAULT: Well, for one thing, I'm still in my twenties. I'm not much older than Lloyd or Linus.
NINO: Yeah, but you're... different from them... You're never angry, for one thing. You're more like Uncle Jan than like my brothers...
LEGAULT: So, I'm to be grouped in with Jan, am I? My, but that is so very depressing...
NINO: But I like Uncle Jan.
LEGAULT: Mm? Oh, yeah, I know that... It's just... Aww, forget it.
NINO: Huh?

Level B:

LEGAULT: Hey, Nino.
NINO: Oh! Uncle Legault!
LEGAULT: ...Oh, never mind. I see you're fighting over here, but don't overdo it... We're not making enough money to really go all out, you know!
NINO: Uhh... Have you been with these people long, Uncle Legault?
LEGAULT: Mm... A bit. From about the time they went to the Dread Isle...
NINO: So... The group that first fought with my brothers in Bern...
LEGAULT: ...Was this same group.
LEGAULT: Little Nino, is that all? Don't you have anything else to say to me?
NINO: ...I can't. Your eyes... they look too sad.
LEGAULT: ......
NINO: I can't go back to the Black Fang, but I really liked all of them... And I still love my brothers... You do, too, don't you, Uncle Legault?
LEGAULT: Yeah...

Level A:

LEGAULT: Hey, Nino. So... When this journey's over, what are you going to do?
NINO: What am I going to do?
LEGAULT: Yeah, you should start thinking about where you'll end up after this... Most of these folk have homes to go back to, villages to welcome them. But we...don't have anything.
NINO: That's...right. What are you going to do, Uncle Legault?
LEGAULT: Well...I can't go back to a normal way of life, so... Maybe a thief or a mountain bandit... I'm sure I'll find some sleazy way of making a living...
NINO: So then I can go with you...!
LEGAULT: No, child. This life is not for you. You'll be much better off without me...
NINO: But... Uncle Legault...
LEGAULT: I'll only say this once, Nino. If you're around, you'll only slow me down.
NINO: ......
LEGAULT: Lloyd and Linus will protect you, I'm sure. But I'm not as tough as they are. i don't have their power or their courage. I wouldn't be able to protect you...
NINO: So... When this journey ends, I won't see you again?
LEGAULT: Yeah...that's right.
NINO: ...... I understand. I'll be all right. Don't worry about me. You know me, I'm Black Fang. So... take care of yourself too, Uncle Legault! I'll see you later... ...later...
LEGAULT: ...Nino...

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