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Kent & Sain

Level C:

KENT: Sain!
SAIN: Ah, Kent!
KENT: Take it easy out there, all right? We're not the only ones fighting here, you know? Feel free to let Lord Eliwood face the enemy now and again.
SAIN: But then... How can I show off my grace in battle?
KENT: For whom do you intend to "show off"?
SAIN: Why, all of the lovely ladies in our camp, of course! This is the best time to catch their eye, you know. I've got to look good for my admirers!
KENT: You will never change, will you? You should think more of the needs of our whole group, instead of rushing off into the fray like a berserker!
SAIN: I'll be fine, Mother! And I'm off!
KENY: Sain, wait! What a bloody fool...

Level B:

KENT: ...
SAIN: Kent! Is there something troubling you?
KENT: Sain. No, it's nothing.
SAIN: Then why are you staring off into the distance like that? What are you looking at? Hey, is that... Lady Lyndis? Ohhh, I get it now!
KENT: ...I merely hoped to see if she were all right. It is our duty to protect our liege, is it not?
SAIN: Yeah, Sure it is. Say, Kent?
KENT: Yes?
SAIN: As your older, wiser companion, let me give you a word of advice. It would never work.
KENT: What? What are you talking about?
SAIN: You can't hide it from me, partner! I can just tell by that dumb look on your face!
KENT: Sain, do not presume to know what I am thinking! I her knight...
SAIN: Oh get over it! You can admit it, can't you?! I mean she is beautiful, and she is kind...How could anyone not have feelings for her?
KENT: ...So,, too?
SAIN: Of course! Falling for beautiful women is what we cavaliers do! But I guess I will have to let you take the lead here, since that is truly the knightly thing to do for one's partner...
KENT: H-Hold on! Who said I intended to--
SAIN: Because, you know, I really owe you one...Right, Kent! I'm going to leave the way open for you, now! And...feel free to rely on my vast library of experience with women. certainly will need it...won't you?
KENT: I'll grant you, talking to women has never been my strong suit.
SAIN: Right, then! Shut your mouth and open your ears! Your lessons will begin with basic flattery!

Level A:

SAIN: Hey, Kent! We've learned quite a bit on this quest, haven't we?
KENT: I suppose.
SAIN: You suppose? Why, when we get back to Caelin, we should gather all the lovely lasses we know and have one big, magnificent--
KENT: Don't start with that again, Sain. This is no time for gaiety. There is still much fighting ahead of us. Either one of us could fall in the battle to come.
SAIN: You always expect the worst. That's why Lady Lyndis never...
KENT: Hold your tongue. I'll have none of your foolishness now! Just keep your wits about you, that's all I'm saying. One overconfident lurch into danger could easily--
SAIN: Overconfident? Who's overconfident? I know this isn't going to be easy... But I'll not let that shake me. After all, I'm not alone. I've got you. And you've got me, right? Right?
KENT: Yeah, you're right.
SAIN: So let's get riding, shall we? And watch my back partner!
KENT: Of course, my friend! With honor.

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