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Lucius & Karel

Level C:

KAREL: ......
LUCIUS: Oh, ahh... Hello...
KAREL: I smelll...blood.
LUCIUS: Wha--? What's--
KAREL: Ah, so you are a servant of Saint Elimine? I have no use for you. Begone.
LUCIUS: So..err... That smell of blood thing...
KAREL: It will rain soon. Blood will fall like rain...
LUCIUS: ... ... but aren't we going to prevent all that? That's why we're fighting...
KAREL: You, too... Your hands will also be stained red with blood...
KAREL: You are not a fool. The more you see your own impurity, the closer you are to me. And I will not have to kill you...
LUCIUS: ...... Why...

Level B:

LUCIUS: Err, umm... Karel...
KAREL: If you want to babble about your cult, find another victim.
LUCIUS: M-My name is Lucius! And I would speak with you!
KAREL: Very well, Lucius. Speak.
LUCIUS: Well, before... You said something... Something I had also been thinking for a while.
KAREL: Yes, that even the hands of the acolytes are stained with blood. So what would you do? Become disgusted and give up?
LUCIUS: No! My beliefs give strength to my will! I just...I wondered how you knew...
KAREL: ...I live by the sword. My body is a weapon. I cannot live without the taste of blood.
LUCIUS: But have you no compassion at all? How could you know even grief without some kind of feeling?
KAREL: ...You are weak. Your blood means nothing to me.
LUCIUS: ......

Level A:

KAREL: Lucius.
LUCIUS: Karel...
KAREL: ...You are not a fool. And you are weak That is why I do not need to kill you.
LUCIUS: ......
KAREL: Perhaps that also is why... When I am near you, I feel...calm.
LUCIUS: ...You look tired.
KAREL: ...What?
LUCIUS: You face seems pallid, drawn, and worn. It looks unhealthy.
KAREL: Perhaps...I am... tired. When I fight, my entire body is filled with a hunger I cannot suppress. ...I have never had the luxury even to imagine fatigue...
LUCIUS: I don't care about your fighting. I cannot change the way you live. Nor would I. We both follow our beliefs.
KAREL: ......
LUCIUS: I don't know why you believe this killing is your destiny, but I pray that you will someday know peace.
KAREL: I sleep. If only for a while...
LUCIUS: Rest now...

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