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Karel & Karla

Level C:

KARLA: Brother!
KAREL: Karla...
KARLA: It really is you! It really is you! I've finally found.
KAREL: I have been looking for you as well. Of the six of us, four are gone. You and I are all that remain.
KARLA: ! No... It can't be!! Brother ...our parents...
KAREL: Slain by my blade.
KARLA: Unthinkable...
KAREL: You are of the same blood; you must understand. Only one can wield the sword. Our clan lived for this sword, as they died by it. Our father knew this and tried to protect the sword.
KARLA: ......
KAREL: You were not worth fighting at the time. But time changes... everything. Beautiful, Karla.
KARLA: Brother?
KAREL: Your swordsmanship. It truly is a thing to behold. So much that I can barely resist the urge to strike you down.
KARLA: You would kill... me, too?
KAREL: Eventually, yes. It is you or I, Karla. One and only one can carry this sword.
KARLA: ......

Level B:

KARLA: Brother...
KAREL: Karla. Perfect... Shall we begin?
KARLA: ......
KAREL: Draw your blade, Karla.
KARLA: ......
KAREL: What? Why do you wait?
KARLA: Do you remember, Brother? It was so long ago... We were still little...
KAREL: What are you talking about?
KARLA: The plains shone scarlet in the twilight... I was crying because I had lost my way. You picked me up and carried me home.
KAREL: The memory is...lost to me. I cannot recall it.
KARLA: I remember it so clearly. The warmth of your back. If I could, I would have stayed that way forever.
KAREL: ......
KARLA: Brother... I hated the sword. I never wanted to learn a skill that could only be used to kill. But it was the only way I could get close to you, Brother.
KAREL: ......
KARLA: ...You seem unable to concentrate, Brother. Forgive me. Perhaps we should duel another day.
KAREL: ......

Level A:

KAREL: Karla... Are you ready?
KARLA: Yes. Do as you wish, Brother. When I fall to you, I will leave no regrets.
KAREL: ......
KARLA: We are less than human now. We are no different from our swords themselves. Our hearts are cold, and we count the days we live solely by the flesh we cleave. What meaning can there be in such an existence?
KAREL: ......
KARLA: Cut me down, Brother. I simply wanted to hear your voice before I died. Now I have. I am satisfied.
KAREL: ......
KARLA: ......
KAREL: Karla... You haven't changed. But I have. I must have. When I am with you, I remember the past.
KARLA: Brother...
KAREL: Go where you will. I will not fight you.
KARLA: Brother... Brother, what will you do?
KAREL: Well...
KARLA: I won't stop you... I doubt you can resist the destiny of our blood for long... So I will wait for you. On the scarlet plain. I will wait for my brother to come home...
KAREL: ......

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