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Isadora & Marcus

Level C:

ISADORA: General Marcus!
MARCUS: ...Isadora.
ISADORA: Your forgiveness, General. I must apologize for leaving Lady Eleanor to come here!
MARCUS: Do not worry yourself. It was Lady Eleanor's wish, wasn't it? She is a willful woman...
MARCUS: But what are you doing? Certainly you were not ordered to hold this position. A knight of Pherae never abandons their post!
ISADORA: Yes, sir! Duly noted!

Level B:

ISADORA: Ho! General Marcus!
MARCUS: Mm...Isadora. Nice of you to check in. If you have that much leisure, then you should spar with me.
ISADORA: Ah...Excuse me...General Marcus, have you seen Eliwood of late?
MARCUS: Mm...He has been fighting fiercely...
ISADORA: Yes, but he looks so distraught. He lost his father so recently. And with no time to grieve, he was cast into this harsh fray...His heart must be deeply troubled...
MARCUS: Yes, but we are powerless to wage that battle for him. Our aid would be but a curtain against his inner storm... Yet still...
ISADORA: Yes. That is exactly why we should do all we can. We must return Lord Eliwood safely to Lady Eleanor...
MARCUS: I must go. You can handle yourself here alone, can't you?
ISADORA: Ha! Worry not, General Marcus! I am a knight of Pherae. I will carry out my duty and return safely.
MARCUS: Good, Isadora...Pherae needs you more than ever now...
ISADORA: Yes, Lord Marcus. I will discharge my duty loyally in this time of need as I would at any other time. Fare thee well.

Level A:

MARCUS: Isadora.
ISADORA: Ah, General Marcus.
MARCUS: ...Like me, you are a loyal subject of Pherae. The future of that country rests on our shoulders. And it weighs the same upon both of us, though you be a woman and I be a man.
ISADORA: Yes, General. I know this all too well.
MARCUS: However...Please, do not overextend yourself. You may rely on my help at any time. There is no shame in seeking assistance.
ISADORA: I see...
MARCUS: That is all I wished to say. Now I will go.
ISADORA: Of course...But first, may I say one thing?
MARCUS: Yes, what is it?
ISADORA: Thank you, General Marcus. You have never treated me any differently for being a woman...You have thought of me always as a knight of the first rank of Pherae...If you had been too lenient or protective of me, I would not be alive to fight here today.
ISADORA: We will both return safely to Pherae, Sir Marcus.

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