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Isadora & Lowen

Level C:

LOWEN: Ah, Dame Isadora!
ISADORA: Sir Lowen! I am glad you are safe. And recent battles have honed your skill, I see. I heard that the road back from Pherae was a gauntlet of enemy units...
LOWEN: Y-Yes it was! It was a long, hard road...but I had much help from my friends... I certainly could not have done it without them... Now that you are with us, I am sure we are even stronger...
ISADORA: We will fight side by side, Lowen.
LOWEN: Yes! And...Isadora, are you hungry?
ISADORA: Hm? Well... yes a, little.
LOWEN: Then...just wait a moment. I shall prepare us a feast!
ISADORA: Ho-Hold on, Lowen! We are in the field! What are you doing with that blanket?
LOWEN: Every meal must be taken with the greatest respect for one's food. While I prepare the setting for our picnic, why don't you peruse my emergency rations and see if there isn't something you might like to snack on...
ISADORA: Lowen... Would you mind explaining exactly how you managed to fight your way back from Pherae while stopping to have a picnic during every battle?

Level B:

ISADORA: .....
LOWEN: Dame Isadora?
ISADORA: Ah...Lowen.
LOWEN: How are you? Hungry? If so, I can easily find a morsel for you in my emergency rations.
ISADORA: No, I'm fine. Forgive me... I just... I don't think it's right for a knight of Pherae to eat in the middle of battle... I can imagine General Marcus scolding us angrily...
LOWEN: ...Are you sure it's not because of Lord Harken?
ISADORA: ...No, not at all... But, Lowen... You have really developed as a knight recently! You are like a different man on the battlefield now!
LOWEN: Oh, no, no! I merely spend my days trying to stay one step ahead of General Marcus! I'm not even close to the level of you and the others...
ISADORA: That's ridiculous. Why, if we crossed swords now, I think you might land the first blow. Keep striving, Sir Lowen. I know that you will make a grand knight of Pherae!
LOWEN: I shall! Thank you!

Level A:

ISADORA: .....
LOWEN: Dame Isadora? How fare you? If you are...
ISADORA: I don't need any food! I'm perfectly full, all right?
LOWEN: I see...
ISADORA: Lowen... Thank you. You are kind to worry about me, but I am fine.
LOWEN: D-Dame Isadora!
ISADORA: What is it?
LOWEN: I am still inexperienced... But I will be strong enough to become a knight of Pherae soon! I will become a great knight that you and General Marcus...and even Lord Harken would be proud of! So, all you need to do is wait!
ISADORA: Yes...I know you can do it, Lowen. You are dedicated enough.
LOWEN: Th-Thank you! That is all I wanted to say! A-And so, I take my leave!
ISADORA: Wait, Lowen.
ISADORA: I'll go with you. We are all in this together... as knights of Pherae.

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