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Hector & Oswin

Level C:

OSWIN: ... ...
HECTOR: Oswin! I'm fine here by myself! Why don't you go help the others?
OSWIN: I'm afraid I cannot. I've orders from Lord Uther. My duty here is to guard you, sir.
HECTOR: Yeah, but it's wierd! I mean, twoguys like us-- We gotta sit here looking at each other's mugs all day?
OSWIN: If you can bear it, Lord Hector, then I see no problem with this arrangement.
HECTOR: ...Right. Sorry 'bout that.
OSWIN: It's quite all right.
HECTOR: You do bug me though, you know.
OSWIN: Yes, of course.
HECTOR: Oswin! Why, you...
OSWIN: Lord Hector, this is a battlefield. Focus on the battle.
HECTOR: Grr! How am I supposed to concentrate now!?

Level B:

OSWIN: Lord Hector.
HECTOR: What is it now, Oswin?
OSWIN: I was watching you just now. You are in top form, I must say. I could hardly believe my eyes.
HECTOR: Heh! I see you finally opened those eyes of yours!
OSWIN: The way you wield your axe shows how hard you train. Tell me, where did you learn?
HECTOR: Where? In the ring, of course. You know I love that place. I used to sneak out for days at an end to fight.
OSWIN: So, you were fighting your peers in the ring...
HECTOR: Yeah, yeah. Just... don't let my brother know. Yeah, I had to threaten my teachers, too--huh?
OSWIN: Ah, now I have you! I thought you might be disobeying Lord Uther. The brother of a marquess of Ostia, fighting in the ring... What would Uther say were he here now!
HECTOR: Fine, fine! I hear you. Just don't tell my brother!
OSWIN: Perhaps we could work out an arrangement...If you promised never to go to the ring again?
HECTOR: Fine, I'm out. Done! On my honor as a man!
OSWIN: Of course.
HECTOR: Grr...! You ill-hearted old man!
OSWIN: Not that I'm correcting you, but I am only in my thirties. I would think "ill-hearted gentleman" more appropriate... Now, I must be off.
HECTOR: Hunh? Thrities...? He must be kidding.

Level A:

OSWIN: Lord Hector, how fare you?
HECTOR: Aaaah. Is it me, or are our enemies getting stronger?
OSWIN: Yes. I'm afraid my armor saved my skin more than once today. Take care, Lord Hector.
HECTOR: Say, Oswin. Sorry to be such a burden, you know?
OSWIN: Pardon?
HECTOR: I know it's my brother's orders, but here you're stuck with me. I mean, it must be a drag for you, right? You let me know if there's anything I can do for you.
OSWIN: Well, to tell the truth...When I was assigned to watch over you, Lord Hector, I feared that I might not be worthy of the job. But I realized something over the course of this journey. While your words and manners may be coarse at times, you are straight and true in character--like a good arrow. I thank Lord Uther for giving me the opportunity to serve you. So, believe me that it hasn't been a burden at all.
HECTOR: Oswin... You...You sure...? I mean, that's good, I'm glad.
OSWIN: Excellent! Then I shall be honored to serve you further.
HECTOR: I was afraid it might have been me makin' you look like an old man!
OSWIN: Eh? What was that?
HECTOR: Ah, er, nothing! Never mind! Um, right! Come along, then! Let's go!

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