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Matthew & Hector

Level C:

Matthew:Good day, young master. How fare you?
Hector:Oh? Matthew!
Matthew:I've heard you're quite strong, you know. But if there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask. Just say the word, and I'll swipe healing balms from our very enemies!
Hector:I might just ask for that later on, yeah.
Matthew:Say, aren't you a bit hungry?
Hector:Hrm...Now that you mention it. Should've brought some rations or something, I guess.
Matthew:Leave it to me! I thought we might have need, so I packed some before we left. Here, I put it in your sack there...
Hector:That was thoughtful... ...I mean, hey! What are you doing putting it in MY pack?
Matthew:You are strong, young master.
Hector:That's not the point! Man, and I thought my bag was heavy don't give your master extra to carry, got it?
Matthew:Ah, but you always were so generous, my lord!
Hector:I oughta... ...Man, why do I get stuck with all the lame henchmen?
Matthew:Ah, young master! Wait up for me.

Level B:

Matthew:Young master! Please wait!
Hector:What, forgot to take out the pepper?
Matthew:No, not that. Why are you still upset about that? I mean--allow me to walk with you!
Hector:Matthew? What's gotten into you? Don't you have duties in the backguard? Why come up here on the front lines?
Matthew:I can use a sword, too, my Lord.
Hector:Yeah, but...
Matthew:Do not fear! I'll always have you to protect me should things turn sour!
Matthew:My apologies, young master. But please, allow me to serve you this once. I won't be a burden, that I promise.
Hector:It just never stops...Fine. If you want to help that bad, I won't stop you. But don't overdo it--you hear?
Matthew:Of course, my young master.

Level A:

Matthew:Young master!
Hector:Ah, if it isn't Matthew. You've got more pep in you than Id've thought.
Matthew:Nothing compared to milord.
Hector:Yeah, but you sure have changed. And I told Leila that spies shouldn't be out fighting...
Matthew:Well, yes. I used to think that very proper myself. Instead of sweating, why not leave fighting to others, while I fulfill my duties behind the scenes. But since leaving on this journey...I've had what you might call a "change of heart."
Hector:Huh. You don't say...Great! Well, what say we spar a little, eh?
Matthew:My lord! P-Please, have mercy! A mere nudge from your axe would send me into flight!
Hector:Never know 'til you try, eh? I got a grudge to...Rather, I've got to pay back what I owe!
Matthew:Call it what you will, I'm having none of it! Oh...It's not like you to bear a grudge so long, milord.
Hector:Enough chit-chat! Let's go!

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