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Heath & Vaida

Level C:

HEATH: Commander! Commander Vaida!
VAIDA: Heath! You still live? Well, I guess you always were a lucky one!
HEATH: Yes, commander! We fled to Lycia as you instructed! Hey! Commander! That scar!
VAIDA: What? This? It's nothing!
HEATH: ... Forgive me, commander! Had I known that you would trade such a wound for our escape...
VAIDA: Pfeh. Stop your whining, soldier! I recieved this scar because I was weak. And I was lucky it was my face... Had it been my arm, I wouldn't be able to fight now...
HEATH: Commander...
VAIDA: Enough chitchat! Now we fly!

Level B:

VAIDA: This won't do, Heath!
HEATH: C-Commander!
VAIDA: When did all the venom go out of your fighting? I have taught you since you were in swaddling clothes! If you're worried about surviving, you can worry about it after you're dead!
HEATH: Ah...perhaps this army has softened me a little bit... I certainly never thought of my own life under your command...
VAIDA: Hmmm... Now that you mention it, what happened to the others? What happened to Vaida's Raiders?
HEATH: ...... When we escaped from Bern, Isaac, Lachius, Belminade... ...they all...
VAIDA: ...I see. All gone, eh? That is too bad...
HEATH: Yes... Commander, what will happen to Bern now?
VAIDA: ......
HEATH: The wyvern riders are now no different from the regular troops in Bern... At this rate, Bern will eventually...
VAIDA: ...We don't know that yet. Prince Zephiel is still in Bern. If he gains power, then Bern may yet be reborn... Once again, Bern the strong...

Level A:

HEATH: Commander, are you sill unhurt?
VAIDA: Idiot! How many times do I have to tell you? These enemies are like bugs before Umbriel and me!
HEATH: You haven't changed, have you? You are still as strong and as beautiful as when we first met...
VAIDA: Hmpff... Heath...what will you do after this? Is there somewhere you will go if you survive?
HEATH: As it turned out, I could be neither a knight of Bern nor a mercenary... I do not know. Commander? What will you do?
VAIDA: I will go to see the prince... We were saved by this bunch, but... The kingdom is not likely to give up... We have to protect the prince... If there is no other way, I will go alone.
HEATH: ...It is too dangerous... Powerful though you may be, to go alone...
VAIDA: Yes, I will probably die. Is that what you mean to say? But Prince Zephiel's life is worth the price. And so I will return to Bern. No matter what it takes.
HEATH: ...Then take me with you...
VAIDA: What are you saying? I am going die.
HEATH: If that is to be my end, I do not care. I am your soldier, commander. Where you go, so go I.
VAIDA: ...are stupider than wyvern feed. See if I care what happens to you!

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