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Heath & Priscilla

Level C:

HEATH: You! You our medic?
PRISCILLA: Yes, I am...and you are?
HEATH: Name's Heath. I'm a wyvern knight, as you can see. My wyvern is Hyperion. He may look scary, but he's all right. I trust you'll be there if any of us get hurt.
PRISCILLA: Gladly. My name is Priscilla.
HEATH: Right. I'm off! Fly, Hyperion! ...Huh?
PRISCILLA: Your wyvern seems unwell...
HEATH: You're right. Hmm... Maybe his wing's hurt?
PRISCILLA: I don't see an injury...?
HEATH: That's strange...
PRISCILLA: Maybe...he ate too much?
HEATH: Ate...too much?
PRISCILLA: Yes. See here, his stomach is quite swollen.
HEATH: Odd...I fed him the same amount as always. ...Hey, you eat something strange, Hyperion?
PRISCILLA: I wonder what he ate...? That reminds me... This morning, I heard the merchant Merlinus yelling... He was saying something about most of our supplies being missing...
HEATH: ... ...Er, I don't suppose we could let this be our little secret?
PRISCILLA: My lips are sealed.

Level B:

HEATH: Hello, Priscilla. Are you well?
PRISCILLA: Certainly, and you, Heath? Are you uninjured?
HEATH: Oh, I'm fine. A few cuts and scratches won't kill me. As long as the battle is won, I can rest afterwards.
HEATH: I remember when I was in the wyvern kngihts of Bern, my captain would say: "If you can feel the pain, you're not badly wounded."
HEATH: Our captain was a true soldier, he was. He charged the enemy shooters to draw fire away from us... Even with an arrow through his shoulder, he kept charging.
PRISCILLA: Ah... ...
HEATH: P-Priscilla! Are you all right!?
PRISCILLA: Sorry... Suddenly, I felt so faint...
HEATH: Sorry, I guess it was a bit of a bloody tale to be telling a young maiden... Please accept my apologies.
PRISCILLA: Heath... This may be presuming too much, but...please do visit me even if your wounds are slight. Don't just assume they'll be fine... Do come, won't you?
HEATH: You're a gentle soul... Sure, we're in the same army, but to worry about a vagabond like me... Right, well. I'll be sure to drop in for a check up.
PRISCILLA: Is that a promise?
HEATH: Yes, a promise!

Level A:

HEATH: Ah! Priscilla...
PRISCILLA: Why have you been avoiding me lately?
HEATH: Avoiding...I wouldn't say I've been avoiding you.
PRISCILLA: But you have! And now you're looking away! What is it?
HEATH: ... I...I heard you were the daughter of an Etrurian count... Granted, I had no idea, but still, I am afraid I have spoken too frankly. Forgive me.
PRISCILLA: No, you have done nothing wrong!
HEATH: You probably don't know this... But I'm a fugitive from Bern. Normally, we wouldn't even be allowed to speak to one another. I must leave. Please, ignore me should our oaths cross in the future.
PRISCILLA: I cannot do that! How...How could I? Not after we have become friends!
HEATH: Lady Priscilla?
PRISCILLA: You promised! You said you'd come visit me whenever you're hurt! Are you someone who so easily breaks a promise? Claiming you did not know my rank is no excuse! What...What about my feelings...? ...
HEATH: ...Don't cry. I-I didn't mean it like that. I just thought, that if you knew who I was, you wouldn't want me around...
PRISCILLA: ... ... ...
HEATH: Priscilla... I...can call you that, can't I? If it's so much that you are moved to tears, I will stay by your side. Even...for just this battle. ......I'll be here.
PRISCILLA: Heath... If only... If only... ...time...could stop.
HEATH: ... ...Yes... If only...

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