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Heath & Legault

Level C:

LEGAULT: Is someone chasing you or something?
LEGAULT: You're going to tire yourself out staying on guard all the time. You look like a wyvern rider... you a deserter or something?
HEATH: Who... Who are you? Are you a spy from the king? Or are you one of those Black Fang?
LEGAULT: Hey, relax. Yeah, I'm Black Fang, but--
HEATH: Huh? Where...
LEGAULT: Right here.
HEATH: How!? Knave!
LEGAULT: It's all right, it's OK. Let's calm down, OK? I'm Legault. I'm a thief, formerly with the Black Fang. I've got no connection to the fellows chasing you, so rest easy.
HEATH: ...What do you want?
LEGAULT: Nothing. You just looked so wound up... I thought I'd come over and lighten your mood.
HEATH: It's none of your concern!
LEGAULT: Ah... Sorry. Thought I was being friendly, that's all.

Level B:

LEGAULT: Uh-oh. Looks like someone hates me. What a pity.
HEATH: You... Your name's Legault or something, right?
LEGAULT: Oh, so you remembered? Hey, can I ask you something? You look like a wyvern rider, but... Why are you here?
HEATH: You know the answer to that without asking, don't you? I'm a deserter from the knights of Bern.
LEGAULT: A deserter... So why'd you desert?
HEATH: Who knows... Maybe the plundering, the wholesale slaughter of innocent people... Those are both part of a deserter's pedigree, are they not?
LEGAULT: No, not you. Your eyes aren't so corrupt. You have pride. Your eyes tell me that you're sure what you do is right.
HEATH: Why...uh...
HEATH: Why are you here?
LEGAULT: Now that is a long story. Put simply...I'm like you... I fled from an organization, too.
HEATH: Was it the Black Fang?
LEGAULT: Yep. I'm a fugitive, and you're a deserter. Looks like you and I were made for each other.
HEATH: ...Speak for yourself.

Level A:

LEGAULT: Hey, Heath.
HEATH: Looks like you're still alive.
LEGAULT: Can't complain.
HEATH: Legault, what is it that you want from me?
LEGAULT: Hmm... One reason is self-interest. Whether I'm working in this army or I'm dodging Black Fang pursuers, it makes sense to have a wyvern rider close at hand. Few soldiers can match your ferocity on the field. Of course, it does complicate matters that you are pursued.
HEATH: I imagine so. I'm being hunted by my homeland. There's a price on my head. Being close to me isn't like lying in a bed of roses.
LEGAULT: The same is true of me as well. Many of the Black Fang would see me dead if they could. Look, why don't we help each other out? Lend a hand dealing with our respective foes?
HEATH: My enemy is the strongest army division on the continent. No matter how you look at it, I'd say you're getting the short end of the stick. Why would you agree to do all that for me?
LEGAULT: Hm? Must be this thing called "love", you know?
LEGAULT: Where are you going? I'm joking!! Get back here.
HEATH: .....
LEGAULT: Just let it go, all right? Come on, I like you. Even on the run, you're true to your principles. You're recklessly honest. That's from someone who simply cannot do that...
HEATH: .....
LEGAULT: Friendship between fugitives... What do you say?
HEATH: You're one weird guy...

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