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Hawkeye & Louise

Level C:

LOUISE: Hawkeye! Wait for me...
HAWKEYE: Louise... Why are you out of breath?
LOUISE: Well...I just saw you from far away..and...
HAWKEYE: ...And? What is it?
LOUISE: I thought you could give this to Igrene...
HAWKEYE: This is... a fine bow.
LOUISE: Isn't it? I was rather taken with it. So I bought one for myself and one for Igrene... Look, they are a matched pair!
HAWKEYE: I thank you... My daughter will be pleased.
LOUISE: It must be dull staying home. I would like her to have something nice. She is all alone, without her father... It must be lonely. You should return to her soon. She is still just a child.
HAWKEYE: She the village. She will be fine.
LOUISE: Yes, but she only has one father... You mustn't forget that!
HAWKEYE: ...I...will not.

Level B:

HAWKEYE: ...Louise...take this. I give it to you freely.
LOUISE: My, what a beautiful necklace! Surely this isn't something you were wearing... Is it?
HAWKEYE: It my wife.
LOUISE: Why are you giving it to me?
HAWKEYE: If I die in battle, give it to my daughter. If you show it to her, she will understand what has happened, and there will be no need to speak.
LOUISE: That is a rahter sad promise for me to keep.
HAWKEYE: She will succeed me as guardian. The keeper of the desert must be comfortable with solitude. The guardian must find peace in it. I know that my time draws near.
LOUISE: ...Hawkeye...
HAWKEYE: But I have no regrets. I have served my master, married a wife, and fathered a child. I was also blessed with friends like you and Lord Pent. All that remains is to fulfill my destiny.
LOUISE: But...return to the desert at least once first. Your destiny can be fulfilled some other time... But please... See Igrene once more... She needs you...

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