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Harken & Lowen

Level C:

LOWEN: Lord Harken!
HARKEN: Hello... Lowen, was it?
LOWEN: Yes! I am Lowen! I have been training as a knight apprentice under Lord Marcus.
HARKEN: Ah! Look out, there. Your pack is slipping!
LOWEN: Eh!? Uwah! Ah! Ack! Phew... Caught it.
HARKEN: Why carry so much baggage onto the battlefield? Looks heavy...are you carrying armor in there?
LOWEN: No! These are emergency rations. You can't fight on an empty stomach! Lord Harken, might I interest you in a bite?
HARKEN:, I'm fine. Thank you. So, you too have come from Pherae as part of Lord Eliwood's guard?
LOWEN: Yes, sir! I am really only a page by rank, but there was word that the knights of Pherae were weakened... Ack! I-I beg your pardon!
HARKEN: No worry. It is only the truth. I am sorry yoo had to be here to witness our impotence... Sorry.
LOWEN: L-Lord Harken...

Level B:

LOWEN: Lord Harken!
HARKEN: Ah, you again.
LOWEN: Please, let me fight by your side! I would learn from the best swordsman in the Pherae knights!
HARKEN: ...You have nothing to learn from the likes of me.
LOWEN: W-What are you saying!? You are a fine knight, Lord Harken. Nay, the finest!
HARKEN: There you aer wrong. Lowen... I can hardly be called a knight now.
LOWEN: T-That can't be right!
HARKEN: I was unable to defend Lord Elbert... I am not worthy of my title. You are still young... No regrets, am I right? If you are to become a knight, do not follow my example.
LOWEN: Lord Harken... I... You are wrong. You are a knight. I know this to be true.
HARKEN: Lowen...?
LOWEN: I was born to peasants. My home was a small village, far outside Pherae... A village with little value, far from the sight of the castle. We were so poor, there was hardly any value to be gained by protecting us from bandits. All knew this, for certain. Still, he came. He came to protect us, his subjects.
LOWEN: I will never forget that day, not as long as I live. He...was a true knight. I wanted to become a knight to become like him.

Level A:

LOWEN: L-Lord Harken! Thank you! To spend so much time training one as lowly as myself... You do me too great an honor!
HARKEN: No... It is I who should thank you. It is as you said, Lowen. I am a knight. I must be. Yet, in only a month after losing Lord Elbert... I had turned my eyes from duty.
LOWEN: ...
HARKEN: I spend my time blaming myself, lost in grief for my lord. I could do nothing to help Pherae, now, when she needs me the most. My heart hadn't taken one step since then... Lord Elbert would certainly chastise me.
LOWEN: Lord Harken...
HARKEN: What I must do now is protect Lord Eliwood. I must do what I am able to do. You taught me that, Lowen. I thank you.
LOWEN: M-My Lord!
HARKEN: Let us be off. We must do that which we are able, that which is our duty.
HARKEN: Ah... I almost forgot, there's one last thing... Lowen!
HARKEN: You've progressed well on your way to becoming a knight. Your posture, physique-- all are top notch.
LOWEN: T-Thank you, sir!
HARKEN: Therefore... I'd like you to give those ration bags over to Merlinus.
LOWEN: Wha--! But what am I to do when I hunger?
HARKEN: A knight can do without food for a while.
LOWEN: Whaaaaaaat!?
HARKEN: That's an order, Lowen. Now, go!
LOWEN: Y-Yes, sir.
HARKEN: Hmm...Maybe he's got farther to go than I thought. Aaa...

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