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Harken & Isadora

Level C:

ISADORA: Harken...
HARKEN: Isadora...
ISADORA: What have you been up to, Harken, tell me! For a month, you did not return to Pherae, you sent no word... Where did you go, forgetting your duties as a knight of Pherae?
HARKEN: I am sorry. It was all...the fault of my recklessness. How will I be punished?
ISADORA: Punished? Harken, do you understand at all what you have done? Do you know what trouble your absence has caused Pherae? Have you any idea? I... I was so worried...
HARKEN: Isadora... Please do not cry. I cannot stand to see your beautiful face weep so. I... I haven't given you much reason to worry. Please...Please forgive me.
ISADORA: No. I cannot forgive you. Not after worrying so much. Never.
HARKEN: I am sorry...

Level B:

HARKEN: Isadora! Please, wait, Isadora!
ISADORA: Harken...
HARKEN: I apologize for causing you grief. I will suffer as long as need be to make this up to you... But...tell me, now that I have returned, why do you still look so sad?
ISADORA: Harken... Will you truly stay here...? You...You won't leave me alone again?
HARKEN: Yes, of course-- I promise.
ISADORA: not say that!
HARKEN: Isadora...? What is it, Isadora?
ISADORA: I'm scared... I don't want to remember... The day you left Pherae with Lord Elbert, I...
ISADORA: You might leave me again... You might disappear once more. When I think that, I am so scared!
HARKEN: Isadora...
ISADORA: Please forgive me...!

Level A:

HARKEN: Isadora...
ISADORA: Harken...
HARKEN: You still cry... I am sorry, it is all my fault.
HARKEN: Isadora, if you wish it... I will leave this army. It seems my very existence is a dark weight upon your heart.
ISADORA: No...No! You are not a weight... You are dear to me. Since you left, all I have thoguht of is you...
HARKEN: Isadora...
ISADORA: After you and Lord Elbert left... It was as though Pherae had died. I should have gone...I should have gone with you and Lord Elbert. How many times I thought that as I cried! Dying would be better than living without you... So much better... I thought.
HARKEN: Isadora...
ISADORA: Harken... Do you still remember-- the words you said to me before you left?
HARKEN: Yes, how could I forget? I promised you that I would return unharmed. And when I came back to Pherae, we would be wed.
ISADORA: I believed those words. I was filled with worry, but still, I believed. we are. We met again.
HARKEN: Isadora...can you not give me one more chance? When this expedition is over, and we both return to Pherae... Let us have a grand ceremony! I will fulfill the promise I could not keep before.
ISADORA: You...promise?
HARKEN: Yes. I shall never leave you behind again. We will always be togther.
ISADORA: Harken!

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