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Guy & Rath

Level C:

GUY: this place? I'm lost out here! What'll I do if I can't find the rest of the troop? Ah, but I'm hungry!
RATH: ...
GUY: Wah! Say, you look like you come from Sacae...
RATH: ... What's your name?
GUY: Warrior Guy, of the Kutolah tribe!
RATH: The Kutolah?
GUY: Yes! One of the three tribes of Sacae! Led by the Silver Wolf, Lord Dayan himself!
RATH: ...I'm Rath.
GUY: Rath? Say, aren't Kutolah, too, are you?
RATH: ...
GUY: Our chieftan had a son named Rath, you see. He left the tribe when I was young, so I don't know what he looks like...
RATH: ...Come.
GUY: Eh?
RATH: You're lost, aren't you? ...Follow me.
GUY: You'll help me? Really? For free?
RATH: How could I leave a fellow tribesman?
GUY: T-That's very kind of you. Y-You're very, very nice! It makes me proud to be a man of Sacae! Say, Rath, I won't forget this!
RATH: ...

Level B:

GUY: Hiya, Rath.
RATH: ...
GUY: Rath? Rath!?
RATH: ...I'm listening. What do you want?
GUY: Is Lady Lyn a Sacaen, too? I kind of got the feeling from the clothes she wears... And she kind of walks like us, wouldn't you say?
RATH: Aye, she's from Sacae. She's the daughter of the Lorca chieftan.
GUY: The Lorca? Never heard of them. But what's she doing with these Lycian lords?
RATH: ...
GUY: C'mon. You were traveling with her a year ago, weren't you? Didn't you hear anything?
RATH: ...Lyn is of our people. No matter what she chooses to do, that fact would not change.
GUY: ...Yes. Yes, you're right. A Sacae warrior proudly defends his own.
RATH: You...
GUY: Yes?
RATH: Why did you leave the tribe?
GUY: To become a great soldier of Sacae! I was never good with the bow, and, frankly, I'm terrible at hunting... But the chieftan told me I had a good sword arm.
RATH: ...
GUY: So I'm traveling and training to grow stronger! I must defend my tribe, and my mother as best as I can.
RATH: I...see.

Level A:

GUY: Rath! Hey, Rath! I know you're there!
RATH: ...What is it?
GUY: Ah, you were there! What you said--it was true! That stuff about sticking by your tribesmen. You've saved me before when I was in trouble, right?
RATH: If you've no business with me, then I'm leaving.
GUY: W-Wait up! Let me fight with you, please?
RATH: ...
GUY: I have to repay my debt... And I also have a duty to my fellow tribesman!
RATH: ...
GUY: I'm a warrior of Sacae! I can defend you! Really!
RATH: ...I suppose you are a warrior. Fine. Let it be so.
GUY: Right! You just wait, Rath. I'll show you my worth as a true warrior of Sacae!
RATH: ...We're leaving. Try to keep up.
GUY: Ack! W-Wait! Hold on! I'm more of a walker, really...maybe you could slow down a-- Rath! Wait for me!

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