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Guy & Priscilla

Level C:

GUY: Gah!
PRISCILLA: Oh, wait!
GUY: Hm!?
PRISCILLA: Your right cheek is cut. There, that should do it.
GUY: ......
PRISCILLA: Please don't be afraid to tell me when you are hurt. Farewell.
GUY: ...But it was barely a scratch. ...Strange girl.

Level B:

GUY: Whoa! Watch out!
PRISCILLA: Huh? Eeeek!
GUY: What!?
GUY: Are you OK?
PRISCILLA: Y-Yes, I'm fine. My concentration broke, and I lost my balance.
GUY: Come on, stand up now. If I hadn't been there, you might have been hurt.
PRISCILLA: Yes. ...I must thank you, Guy.
GUY: Huh!? H-How do you know my name?
PRISCILLA: Well, I saw you around, so I asked Merlinus.
GUY: You saw me...around. So you know... ....Waaauughhh!
PRISCILLA: Wait! Don't go!

Level A:

GUY: ......Hahh. I can't beleive it... I'm so pitiful.
PRISCILLA: Why do you say that?
GUY: Well, it's just that when I found out you'd noticed me all this time... ...I'm so pitiful.
PRISCILLA: ...All this time?
GUY: Well, from the moment I first say her, I kept asking myself, what's a girl like that doing on a battlefield? I thought about her all the time...
PRISCILLA: "Her"...?
GUY: What!? Eeep!!!
PRISCILLA: Oh, excuse me. I didn't mean to disturb you.
GUY: heart...
PRISCILLA: So what about... a girl like me?
GUY: Err... I, uhhh....
PRISCILLA: You, uhhh...what?
GUY: know... I think you're, umm, cu--
GUY: Um, I mean that you're uhh...curious!
GUY: Yeah, well, you looked like you needed a pal, so I showed up, just like that!
GUY: Don't look so distressed. I won't pry into your personal affairs.
PRISCILLA: ...Really?
GUY: When I see a woman in need, I just want to help. That's the way we are, back in Sacae!
PRISCILLA: ...Thank you, Guy.
GUY: Oh, yeah... ...Uhh. Leave it to me!

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